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Anyone know a good tobacconist in central London?

A customer of mine is off to London in a month or so and, since he owes me a favours or three, has offered to pick up some tobacco for me. Now the last time he was in London (a year ago) he had problems just buying cigarettes let alone anything as "exotic". So can anyone here recommend a tobacconist in central London that is likely to stock the likes of Gawith, Germaine, Rattray or Wessex?
I am not sure how your prices are in Australia, but the prices for tobacco in the UK are astronomical. I would definitely have him pick up some St. Bruno and Condor, unless you have an aversion to lakelands, and those should be pretty widely available.

Dunhill no longer stocks tobacco in their stores, but I would have him check out James J Fox and Davidoff.
agree with the condor there is also a blend called mick mc quaid available in most supermarkets. both are very strong on the nicotiene front
Rather than general recommendations, I was hoping for names addresses :001_smile

@Commander Quan - clearly you don't know how tobacco prices are here! Try $43 for 50gm or Erinmore mixture for size. What are you paying in-store? Looking online it seems your astronomical prices are about 1/3 of ours :wink2:

Plus there is an extremely limited selection - the only general tobacconists around here anymore are a chain call Smokemart and they have Amphora, some very old Mac Baren pouches, a couple of tins or Erinmore mixture (flake if you are really lucky) and clan (shudder!). There is a better store in town that has bulk and a reasonable selection of tins and pouches (a few Peterson's, Borkhum Riff, Dr Pat's, Davidoff, Captain Black) but all at hugely inflated prices.

There's one place in the whole country that I know of that stocks McClelland and Sam Gawith and they are about 800km away.

All of this is why we Aussies buy so much from overseas and anyone traveling internationally brings back tobacco and booze. If you want to see why you need to fight tobacco laws tooth and nail in your country, you just have to look at our experience.

Now, climbing down off my soapbox, I was hoping to find somewhere they stock Sam Gawith, Germaine, Wessex or Estorica. All of those are hard to get via my usual US based stores. I figured there must be a decent tobacconist in the middle of one of the biggest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Otherwise, I'll just ask him to grab me a selection of the local smoke. Condor, ST Bruno, Capstan - the classic English brands. I'm trying to make this as easy on him as possible.

Are James Fox and Robert Lewis the same store? They appear to have the same address.