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Anyone just shave one pass?


Nope , a one pass shave leaves me with stubble and I look like a bum by noon.
I wish I could, but one pass won't do much for me. Maybe one pass pass with a bit of clean up or buffing might do the job. What I usually do is 1 pass wtg and then 2 passes xtg from ear to ear and maybe a partial atg on my neck with a little clean up on my neck, chin and moustache area.
Do you count touch up ?
If not my answer is YES !! :thumbup:

I am a daily shaver and in general my routine is one pass and touch up "if necessary". I prefer relatively aggressif razors.
I do. One pass ATG. When I first got into this, it was brush and soap/cream, and three passes. I very quickly discovered that my XTG pass offered very little improvement over the WTG pass, so I felt there was no point in doing it. Then I'd be pressed for time, so I'd skip the luxury lather and go with Barbasol and a single ATG pass (which is what I did when I first started shaving). Now, that's my normal daily shave. I think doing a two pass shave gets a little closer, but not enough to make a difference to me. I don't chase BBS, so one pass is good enough.
I do one ATG pass . . . but I do a lot of wet touching up, as I prefer buffing with a mild razor..

Used to do a first WTG pass, but I found it pretty useless, so I cut right to the chase as it were, proceeding from my throat up, stretching and buffing as I go. Only place I shave WTG is my upper lip. Been doing it this way for years with good results and no irritation.

Nonetheless, every once in a while I'll try a first WTG pass. Still seems like a total waste of time. But that's just me. I seem to be blessed with an average beard and a tough hide (or a high pain threshold).
Only if I’m in a hurry, which I seldom am. I prefer 2 passes for my best shave.
Only when I am really pressed for time. I much prefer my usual 3 passes!!
I have done one pass WTG when pressed for time and it’s usually acceptable enough but normally I do two passes.
On rare occasions. Usually if it is later in the day, and I won't be going anywhere but I want to shave. Gotta keep the streak alive you know.
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I find that I am with the above gents! Today was a late afternoon, 1 pass (although I went multi-directional). I need to shave early tomorrow and wanted to both shave today as well as have something to shave tomorrow morning. If I do a 2-3 pass shave late in the day and then try to do the same 12-14 hours later, I get too much irritation.
With a well honed razor and good stropping I can get by with a one pass shave with touch up on the chin. Usually a two pass shaver though.

Upon saying that, looking at the general population, I could get a socially acceptable shave with the handle of a plastic spoon.


A little poofier than I prefer
Yes sir! I switched to one WTG pass, with a little touch up, about a year ago. My technique is good enough now I can get a solid CCS every time. Sure, I love to face-trabate a nice BBS as much as the next wetshaver. But I realized it wasn’t worth the chance of shave bumps and irritation. Plus, my beard is so dark, I can pass the cotton ball test and still have a shadow. In the mirror, I couldn’t tell the difference between a two or three pass BBS and a one pass CCS. So one pass it is, just like the old timers.
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I regularly employ three latherings and three passes, but the other day I was anticipating the arrival of a new razor and tried a one pass shave so that I could try out the new razor upon arrival. A single WTG with my AS-D2 yielded a DFS but not the BBS I prefer. I had to live with that as the new razor did not arrive until the next day. It is back to three latherings and three passes with the new ATT SSR1.
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