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Anyone heard of this brush? Great Wall Brand?

Good Day Gentlemen.
I picked up this brush at a flea market for a couple of dollars.
It has mostly Chinese writing on the box and a little sticker on the handle that says Made In China. It Says GREAT WALL BRAND on the top of the box in English.
It is a NOS Pure Bristles (Boar I believe) brush with a wooden green / white handle. It is actually a fairly nice looking brush, but I have never heard of these before, and I could not find any info online about them. I am not sure how old it is... the box is a little beat up and fading and the bristles themselves seem quite stiff - but most boar brushes are stiff when new.
It is not a big brush: The knot is about 20mm, the Loft is about 50 mm, and the handle about 50mm as well.
Any comments or ideas as to the age or quality of brush?
(sorry, photo is a little fuzzy)
$Great Wall Brush.jpg
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