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Anyone have trouble with their flare tip?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a well preserved C2 flare tip (regular) to add to my rotation for relatively cheap. However, I have not been able to get a really great shave out of it yet. (By comparison, I'm able to make my Merkur 180 and Slim sing sweet baby smooth lullabys!)

Based on reviews and posting, I was expecting the flare tip to be smooth, gentle and, dare I say, near effortless. I have sensitive skin so I thought the mild razor was right up my ally but alas it is not the case after a few weeks. Even my go to blades (PermaSharp Super, Voskhod, Israeli Reds) are only providing grade B shaves with very minor irritation.

I'm aware of course that I am the operator and most likely at fault for not getting the flare humming right. I'm just wondering if other folks experienced any disappointment with a razor they were expecting to be a home run.
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