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Anyone have multiples of same brush.

I like varitey but for me the simpson Chuuby 2 is really a great performer. It eats through my overbought soaps as well. Additionally, I got a great price and my other chuuby will fully dry before next use. Not that I do not have other brushes, however, I justfied and rationalized the purchase with those merits.

Any of you guys have multiples?
Very similar story. I bought a chubby 2 in best, and I loved so much that I got another in Super.
Most of my other brushes are sitting unused (including Thater, Rooney, Morris Fordran)
I have two Omega B&B Essentials. My original green one developed a small crack, which gave me an excuse to get another, pink, one.
Sort of, but not that I keep for myself.

I order handles six at a time and knots at about the same rate for a very nice 19mm Finest that I give away as gifts when I need to repay a favor. At the moment I have one assembled, knots for two more, and five empty handles.
Not yet, but my favorite brush is an Omega 49 with black handle, since I bought it I didn't think to use the other 4 brushes I have.
Next week I'll order another one, with red handle and will rotate between the 2.
I have a ton of brushes I'd like to get before I double up. I do go on streaks with one or another for a couple weeks at a time. I don't worry about everyday use. Maybe someday I'll find a brush so good I get more than 1. I have 4 that I use right now.
I have several Chubby 2s, but they are all a bit different:


The closest to being the same are the Chubby 2 SiLVERTiP and Chubby 2 Super 2-band but there is a 5mm difference in loft that makes even those two seem a bit different in use.
I have a pair Chubby 2 brushes. One in super (ivory handle) and one in manchurian (tortoise handle). I would get another one if the handle compelled me....like a butterscotch handle. I also have an ivory chubby 1 in super...cool brush but the "2" is my favorite size chubby. I find that if I pinch the knot early on in the lather process (to release lather), then I don't waste product as much. I think the chubby makes lather fairly quickly but does not release it until you get it super saturated; using too much product. By pinching (milking) the knot early on, the lather is released out of the brush and product in conserved. At least that is my experience. The advantage of two is that one can dry out a day (or longer) whilst using the other. The chubby is a very different experience than other brushes like a shavemac or a jagger IMO.

$Cubby MB.jpg
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I have made the switch to synthetics and have four of different brands. I keep one vintage badger and one vintage boar for when I'm feeling nostalgic.
Pic shows two Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian in black and green horn. The other is a Chubby 2 Manchurian in black horn. Great look and feel to the handles. Kind of a horny feeling.

Two Simpson Chubby 2 Synths. Bought the first one new and it was a game changer for me regarding brushes. Than I found one in mint condition for a superb price and I couldn't resist.
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