Anyone have experience with both?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by cgr86, Aug 4, 2019.

    I’m curious if anyone had direct experience in the usage of a Hybrid Oneblade vs. the Genesis? I know they claim the Genesis is their prime razor model and offers the best shave , but to my untrained eye the heads appear the same.
  1. Can't help with the Genesis, not owning one, but the Hybrid is great! I've been using both the FHS-10 blades, and modified GEM blades, and either blade equals the shave of my Schick Adjustable (using Chinese Schick blades), and ultimately yields a closer, yet smoother shave than my Timeless 95 OC. - Yes, it takes a standard 3 pass shave to do so, as it removes a bit less on the first pass than the aforementioned razors, although using a GEM closes that gap a bit, but after 3 passes, my face is plastic like smooth feeling, with no irritation. (I have given myself a weeper or to with a GEM blade, although, most likely a result of not having enlarged the notches quite right).

    The Feather blades are a bit smoother than the GEM on the first shave or two, but the GEM blade seems sharper, gets closer quicker, and lasts longer. - I also have close to 200 GEM blades, so I might as well use them, sprinkling in a Feather FHS-10 now and then for a really comfortable shave.

    I did previously have a OneBlade Core, actually the very original, and then the modified/improved version in 2017, and they didn't perform anywhere near as well. Supposedly the Hybrid uses a slightly modified Genesis head, as the bottom portion that connects to the handle needed a bit of modifying to mate to the Core handle, but it works. This might just be my favorite razor, and I have tough gray growth.

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