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Anyone have Amazon Prime?

and if so, do you find it worth the cost? I bought my wife something for Mother's Day and took advantage of the free trial to get the 2 day shipping for free. I'm finding a lot of items are ineligible for the 2 day shipping, are there any other advantages to the membership. $80 seems a little steep to have so many exclusions.
Hello, Randy..

I've been using Amazon Prime for a few years now.. I buy a lot from Amazon and rarely buy anything, even in stores, without first finding reviews on Amazon. I use the Prime benefits all the time.. free two day shipping without minimums is a good deal, and worth the cost, in my opinion. One thing Prime allows you to do is add I think two friends and relatives to the service for free.. if you can find someone who has it, they may be able to add you (I'm all tapped out, sorry!). I suppose you could find some other friends willing to pay a portion of the cost to share it with you.

When Delta allowed you to cash in Skymiles for Amazon gift certificates, I cashed in enough for a few thousand bucks in Amazon gift certs, so I probably buy more than most on Amazon, but I'm pretty sure I'll continue to use it when my credit runs out.
I find it quite worth it, it really depends on what you order. You can add your friends and family to it and break it down that way.
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