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Anyone familiar with Charleston, SC??


Ah… the Holy City my alma mater. I only get back there about twice a year. But always at least once for the bridge run. So since I no longer live there I took this as a challenge to think of places that could point you in the right direction. If worse comes to worse I used to call the Charleston Place Hotel and ask for the concierge and ask them questions all the time.

Good Luck!!!

#1. Caldo and Proraso are good options, according to Candace Braddock, executive team leader at Target in Citadel Mall. "Caldo is a lighter scent. It's a cleaner smell with a mint finish." Post & Courier

#2. Stella Nova the downtown shop on King St. and Society St. next to Dumas if Dumas still exists… They should have some men’s products. Stella Nova

#3. Broad St. Barber. They should give shaves… it’s an old stand-by downtown next to the courthouse. I’d had quite a few haircuts there. They used to have a shoe-shine too. Remember it’s downtown and within the area of more attorneys per square mile than anywhere in the state of South Carolina. They are lady barbers too. They should be able to shave you up.

#4. Mooney’s. I did not grow up in Charleston but all of my friends who did get their haircut at Mooney’s and I think their dad’s do too. It’s a Charleston institution. 1950’s style traditional barbershop. They should be able to shave you up.

#5. Gents Barber Spa 32 Vendue Range Ste 100 ph# 843.722.2233 Last time in town I vaguely remember seeing this place on my walk back to the car on East Bay St. coming from the Blind Tiger. With that in mind I did see this place listed on the Men’s Essentials site. So you should be able to get a shave and supplies if they are still in business. Things come and go quickly in Chas.
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