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Anyone ever use the KAI KII?

I came across a disposable razor made by KAI called the KII while traveling through Singapore.. anyone have experience with this razor? It uses KAI cartridges called Freshaver (two blades) that dock to the white plastic razor called the KII (not sure if KAI makes any other handles that work with the Freshaver). Cartridges come out to about $0.50 each..

I've been looking for an economical / ecological razor I can travel with, and this seems like a pretty good candidate.. I'll post my opinions after I've used it, but until then, anyone have opinions on it?
I have never heard of the Kai KII. But various parts of the Kai, and Feather line are almost unknown to those in the states. For example, Feather makes a cartridge razor that has a Japanese style straight razor handle. It has never been seen in the states outside of the pictures in Feather's catalog.
I've used Kai's fully disposable twin blade razors before. They seem to turn up in Japanese business hotels and onsen pretty regularly. They get the job done.
Here are some quick pictures taken with my iPhone 3GS.. the handle is solid plastic and feels pretty substantial. The razors slide off, as shown in picture #3.. not sure if the plastic will eventually erode to the point that the razor is no longer secure. They're inexpensive.. Mustafa Center in Singapore sells a KII with one cartridge and a pack of three refills (four cartridges total) for $3.80 SGD.

$KAI KII Plan.jpg
$KAI KII Side.jpg
$KAI KII Head.jpg

I'll post opinions once I've used it a few times.. in fact, I think I'll pick a few of 'em up and PIF 'em out when I get back to the states (I'll offer 'em in a new thread, so please don't volunteer, yet :wink2:)
Back in the days, singapore airlines had these in the amenities draw. instantly recognising the brand usually associated with nail clippers, i emptied out the aircraft of razor blades for my extended trips overseas. (this was long before i even learnt about shaving, infact i learnt to shave with those Kai disposables).

the stewardess was also happy to give me a whole box of them when asked. these days, it seems that singapore airlines no longer have these in their amenities box, and if they do have razors its usually one of crap quality.
Wow! That's a long way to go buy a razor.

See.. my evil plan is to introduce the community to a razor where I can create a base of users beholden to me for their supply of replacement razors. I'm going to call it the "razor-razor blade" model where you give the razor away and make huge margins on the blades.. No, wait.. :wink2:

In all seriousness, though, if people like the blades, I can name a certain Singaporean member of B&B who would probably happily supply replacement blades to the rest of the community..
If the cartridges are really made by Kai, they are probably pretty nice. Kai makes quality blades. I also like that there's no lube strip.
Just out of curiousity: Any idea if those carts are compatible with the Gillette Trac II or Bump Fighter handle?
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