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anyone ever use aleppo soap on your face?

if you have, can you give your thoughts/opinions on it? is it moisturizing? does it last long? how does it compare to other olive soaps you have used?
I would use a French triple milled soap with Shea Butter, the different versions of Aleppo soap and other mediterranean soaps such as the original Savon de Marseille are good body bars and Aleppo soap makes a good shampoo but they do not have the added moisturisers that modern products contain. However if you just want a normal soap they are all good!
I am using Bittim soap which is a regional soap like Aleppo soap before the night of next day morning or after the shaving.
I have picked up loose hand made Turkish soaps in Turkish grocery stores, but I haven't heard of Bittim soap before. Is all Bittim soap made of Wild Pistachio oil and Terebinth Tree oil?
does anyone know if aleppo soaps gets slimey or gooey? these tends to be the norm for olive oil soaps. how is the lather on aleppo?
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