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Anyone else use The Cube as a facewash?

Everytime I get a new Hydrolast cube it seems that I have forgotten two things:
1: How offensive these things smell, imagine rubbing cattle slurry over your face and your close to just how terrible these things smell fresh out of the box.
2: More importantly, just how good a facewash this makes. I am always changing products these day's, so I don't have long to get used to individual products (damn acquisition disorders) but everytime I use The Cube as a facewash I am amazed at the volume of lather and how clean and soft my skin feels.
Does anyone else use the cube like this? If so, how long have you been using it as such and what kind of results are you seeing?
I've been using the cube to wash my face for 5-6 months now. It is as good or better than any facial cleanser I have ever used.
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