Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by ksblazer, Oct 21, 2013.

    There are several scents that I love(d) when I was single that aren’t appreciated by my wife. I wear them at work or around the house when she’s gone.

    Of the oldies, I think Aspen is one of the best day time casual scents..........and to MY nose, in the same family as Green Irish Tweed. I use it after GIT shave soap.
  1. yes
  2. I still use Stetson and Wild Country along with Canoe and Polo.
  3. Polo Green, Hero, and Stetson are excellent!
  4. Aspen
    Polo Green
    Halston z14
  5. i actually did too. probably just for the bottle
  6. Polo was a massive success in the 1980s. It might have been launched in '78 but it was an 80s scent. I love it and I think its one of the truly great men's fragrances of all time. I have none now, and haven't had it for many years. Not sure if I would want to wear it now as its kind if cliche and just hits you over the head. I realize my statements sound contradictory. I am describing Polo as a timeless classic but I also see it as though its an over played pop album within the context of my own life and experience.
  7. Faberge Brut, Guy Laroche, Drakkar Noir, Bijan for Men, Davidoff Cool Water and Paco Rabbane Pour Homme. My hubby have these on display but never use them once, just for collection.
  8. I posted this on recent frag acquisitions earlier... Davidoff Classic Eau de Toilette. 1980's classic arrived from Slovenia via Poland. As far as I know, has not been made since the 80's.

  9. Love the powerhouses I've tried aka Chanel Antaeus and Balenciaga Ho Hang Club. I want to try YSL Kouros but that one kind of scares me! :D
  10. Mini Bottle of Aramis Devin to go along with a larger bottle I purchased last summer. I'm pretty sure the larger bottle was not stored very well, because the mini smells much better - it's more "alive" with florals and spices. The larger bottle is all resin and oakmoss. I'm guessing it's missing almost all of the top notes. It's good to know what it's supposed to smell like! (Original Aramis was one of the first "colognes" I never smelled as my Dad had a bottle).

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    All of them!

    "It was the best of times ..."

  12. Yes! I had to go sample it today to make sure I still liked it.

    Jovan Musk for Men.
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    That’s good stuff!
  14. Bhugo

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    I bet you could get right back on that horse! If you do, grab a cosmair romulation off the bay. Takes me back to riding in a Camaro and heavy metal concerts! I still love it.
    Best Wishes
  15. TJ Maxx occational has some good stuff up for grabs. As for heat... There are worse things that can happen to a frag!

    As for my 80's favs... So far I have become addicted to Chanel Antaeus (the pre reformulation stuff is amazing!) and just had a bottle of Balenciaga Ho Hang Club Land!
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  16. My dad wore Giorgio Beverly Hills in the 80s and early 90s along with Polo Green. I still have his bottle of Beverly Hills and sometimes do a half a on cold winter days. Even that's too much, sometimes! Amazing juice, though. New one is still fairly close but nothing beats the vintage.
  17. Paul Sebastian
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    A real gem!

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