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Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

Mention of a few of these makes me want to re-order a couple like Grey Flannel and possibly Aramis. Other than the department stores which charge top $ (and may no longer carry) the older colognes and aftershaves, which discounters can be trusted?

I've read pro's and cons about ordering from Amazon.com (directly and not from 3rd party resellers). Has anyone had experience with:


or others?

I definitely would wait for the summer heat waves to be over before I order as I can't see those steaming delivery trucks helping the scent of the product.
I've personally used Perfumania (once) and FragranceX (four or five times). I received excellent and timely service from both. Never had any bottles break en route to me. Never received knock-offs.
Good luck!
I still have some colognes from the 80's. Literally.
I recently bought some Pierre Cardin which I used in 1979 while in college. It brought back memories.
Polo blue
CK One
My faves.
I tried D&G Light Blue and it gives me a headache and nausea. CK One is better in that ballpark.
The only newish one I like is YSL La Nuit
I have in the current rotation:


Sadly, they are the modern versions, reformulated to be weaker and less aggressive.
I still use Eternity, Halston Z-14, and Aramis. I have the after shave lotions for the Z-14 and the Aramis. It is not an easy find, but Aramis made a tallow based shave soap in the 80s. I don't know when they changed their formula, but I heard the began soap was lame.

I still love the complexity of the 80s scents.


I really like the 80’s colognes. I have many of them. Some vintage and some not. For many of them, they are as good as the old. For some, Polo green comes to mind, it’s vintage or bust.
I didn’t use fragrances in the 80’s unless you count the fragrance that came in a bottle of Afta. It wasn’t until I started DE shaving and reading the forums in in the mid-2000’s that I slipped into that rabbit hole. However, last week at a thrift store I plunked down $2.24 on a bag containing a bottle of Brut and a 4 oz Polo.

The Polo (not vintage) is not half bad. To me it starts out something like Woods of Windsor, which is OK, and dries down to T&H Grafton, a scent I really like.

YMMV and all.
I only like them if their current formula performs as good as they did back then.

Current Azzaro Pour Homme performs like crap, for example. It was a beast in its day and vintage bottles go for niche prices.

Current Le 3` Homme de Caron performs pretty damn well.
I know they predate the 1980s by quite a few years, but I still use modern day versions of the frags that I used in the late 1980s when I was in my late teens............

Brut Original -
I love the stuff, but I still preferred the Brut 33 I used to get for my birthday and at Christmas "back in the day"

Jovan Musk -
One whiff of this stuff brings back memories of when I used to wear it to the pub, I'd watched the "too sexy for words" adverts and thought that Jovan Musk would make me irresistible to women.
A drop dead gorgeous looking barmaid with long, blonde hair said one night that "somebody here smells scrumptious", but I was too shy to try to chat her up - to be fair she was a mile out of my league and about 5 years older than me

Old Spice Original -
I think we all tried Old Spice when we were in our teens.
The Indian made Old Spice is great, but not quite the same way I remember Old Spice in 1980s England

Tabac Original -
I tried a sampler of Tabac when I was 17 and loved it
I bought a 300ml bottle of Tabac in Magalluf in 2005 - and still loved the scent
I use a splash of Tabac from that very same 300ml bottle on an occasional night out - it's still my all time favourite