Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

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    I was to young. :)
  1. Ha! Interesting.
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    Why not post that link directly?Is there a subterfuge afoot?
  2. The 80s were my era, the great music and truly memorable scents. A whiff of Kouros brings me back there, but maybe because I was starting out, every fragrance seemed memorable.

    The loss of oakmoss changed the game forever, but nostalgia keeps living.
  3. Here's a few-Obsession, Aramis, Pierre Cardin, Preferred Stock, Coty Musk, Quorum to name a handful I still use and enjoy. My how some of those clobber the stuff sold now.
  4. I was a big fan of Aramis back then. I went through a lot of different colognes in experimentation, but none of them really seemed to hit the sweet spot I was looking for.

    When I tried Aramis, I said "Aha! This is it!" and it was the first one I ever repurchased. I kept buying Aramis cologne and the other products in that range throughout most of the '80s.
  5. +1
  6. Tuscany is still my favorite. I still wear it, but not that often because I believe Aramis either quit making it, or the formulation changed.

    I had Obsession in the 80s, but would never buy it again. I used my bottle up and moved on. I like Eternity much better than Obsession.

    I never had Polo or Nautica, but I knew many guys who had to have hot and cold running taps of both in there showers.

    Now I have a bottle of Tuscany, some Canoe, and Hugo (Hugo Boss).
  7. I love Ralph Lauren's line of clothes, and for years, I wanted to get some Polo Green cologne. (I wouldn't even consider the newer flavors like Red, Blue, Black, or Double Black.) I viewed Polo Green as a classic scent and figured it would fit well with the rest of my collection.

    I shopped around for years until I found some at what seemed like a good price. When I finally put some on, I couldn't stand the stuff. It smelled raunchy and reeked for hours. I never used it again.
  8. I really like the Blue. I wore the sport as a young soldier in my late teens and early twenties. Double black is pretty good on my skin and might get a bottle again some day.

    As far as 80s Cologne. I really like Creed Bois du Portugal and also Green Irish Tweed. I would put these in with the 80s fragrances.
  9. One of my early favorites was Canoe, also English leather. Both are pretty disgusting now. One that I really like is Tuscany. Also Pierre Cardin. Used to like Chaps but haven't seen it lately; might try ebay.
  10. Ahhhh.....the 80's!!! My new '81 Cutlass girlfriend (who is my wife today), and the colognes that I wore, because she picked them.

    Drakkar Noir
    Cool Water
  11. Are you sure Drakkar Noir has been reformulated and is somewhat weaker? I've read that on a few forums, but I'd like to know where the bottles are bought. I have a feeling that older stock is sold at the discounters. If someone told me they paid top dollar at Macy's, Nordstrom's or Bloomingdales and compared it to a vintage bottle, then I would be sure. Then again, the bottle I have is about 20 years old or more and still smells quite strong.

    Aramis brings me back to my college days in the 1970's and feeling so, so youthful! Back then, I even used the Aramis shampoo, then splashed on some Aramis cologne and headed to class. I still can remember the gorgeous blonde with green eyes that I used to sit next to, fantasizing about her for half the class, hoping she would be overcome with desire from the scent, while secretly wishing she would pin me against the wall as soon as class was over!

    Some other colognes that I loved actually did work on the babes, but sadly not all of them. What we neglected to realize when we were much younger was that a "what are you wearing" question from an attractive young woman meant that the scent lingered in their mind for quite awhile. Perhaps we did realize it, but as single young men, we thought we had all the time in the world to mingle.

    My "go to" scent for work was Chanel Pour Monsieur, but that was first introduced in 1955. I still have about a third of a bottle from the eighties and it would last for the entire work day. My other favorites which I still like today are Drakkar Noir, Grey Flannel, and especially Halston's Catalyst for Men. They smell even better as the day goes on, especially Grey Flannel which wears particularly well.

    Special mention goes to Lagerfeld Photo, Obsession, Pierre Cardin Musk (hasn't been produced for decades), Claiborne Curve, Claiborne Sport, Polo Sport, Armani, and Paul Sebastian cologne - the only cologne I've ever worn that caused a supermarket cashier to search the supermarket looking to find out what scent I was wearing (the aftershave is pretty good, too)!

    These days I seem to have gone back to the future and rediscovered the Clubman line of aftershaves, and spend a considerable amount of time trying to find out why P&G won't issue in the USA the Old Spice cologne and aftershave formulations that are made in India, the UK and Germany. That said, the Indian import of Old Spice Musk aftershave has become a new favorite.
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  12. Yes Sir!!!!


    Zino Davidoff......Zino
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    Love the Aramis, Polo and Drakkar. They were my 80's go to scents. Still occasionally wear them all. Especially Aramis.
  14. I like polo and Brut
  15. Yes, that was my favourite in the eighties and early nineties, together with this one:

  16. I love 80s stuff. My wife likes polo green a lot too. I only wish that new affordable scents were still of the same quality as they used to be
  17. High school class of '90. In the 80's, Drakkar, Polo, Obsession and Grey Flannel are the scents I remember best.

    Fast forward 25 years, I found Canoe (with the help of the B&B)! Classic barbershop scent. Love it. I think I picked up a gift set with the matching splash for $10 at Walgreens!
  18. Mention of a few of these makes me want to re-order a couple like Grey Flannel and possibly Aramis. Other than the department stores which charge top $ (and may no longer carry) the older colognes and aftershaves, which discounters can be trusted?

    I've read pro's and cons about ordering from (directly and not from 3rd party resellers). Has anyone had experience with:

    or others?

    I definitely would wait for the summer heat waves to be over before I order as I can't see those steaming delivery trucks helping the scent of the product.

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