Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

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    Aqua Classica di Parma Borsari (1880) is one of my favorite!
  1. I use Dior Fahrenheit and Bogart One Man Show regularly.
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    I recall buying my first bottle of cologne at the JC Penney's in Crossroads Mall in Boulder in junior high (probably 1970 or 1971)--Sage, by Jess Bell. Huge displays and marketing power everywhere, not just Penney's. I loved that stuff. Too bad it's not still readily available. It smelled just like Colorado.
  3. That reminds me... I need to pick up a bottle of New West! I still have some vintage Polo, Alexander Julian Colours, and just picked up some Grey Flannel. The minute I sprayed that Grey Flannel, I was taken back to my high school locker room when I was wondering what that scent was!
  4. Obsession is a favorite, but I can't wear it that often because it's such a monster, and I'm afraid of being "That Guy." Always brings compliments, though (I work with a bunch of youngsters who've never smelled it before).
  5. I am stuck in the 70s. Royal Copenhagen is no longer made but is still available on eBay. It was my first and is still my favorite. I am not a big time user, so a bottle lasts for many years. Most of the places that I worked were fragrance free zones.

  6. My rotation is Brut, English Leather, Preferred Stock, Halston Z-14 and Polo Classic. And can't forget Old Spice Mondays.
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    I'm really enjoying my Quorum today. Such a bargain, and such a great scent.

    That, and watching the Pac-12 and the Big-10.
  8. great thread

    My 3 staples were

    New West
    Tommy Boy
  9. I am 32 and just purchased Aramis. I love the smell of it. It is much more interesting than some of the current scents.
  10. I'm also in the above category, though I purchased my first bottle of Aramis last September. As you say, it is a heck of a lot more interesting than a lot of current scents, and it beats so many of them for longevity too. I love the different phases it goes through.

    If you've not tried it already, I'd also recommend treating yourself to the 'invigorating body shampoo.' It's got the obvious benefits of having the Aramis fragrance and it is a really refreshing product.

    The other Aramis scents are worth checking out if you've not done so either. I particularly like Havana, Tuscany and Devin.
  11. I was about the same age when I discovered Aramis back in the '80s. It was the first fragrance that I went back and bought again. It was my signature scent for quite a few years.
  12. I will give the body shampoo a try. Sounds like something I would enjoy. I purchased the Aramis shaving soap. It smells wonderful, but the lather sucks. So I superlather it with AOS unscented cream. Works like a charm.
  13. Eternity and Fahrenheit still hold their own, imo.

    i had gifts of both drakkar and obsession, never got the hype. Obsession was too fem for me. May as well be Chanel no.5.
  14. Poison used to be the one that made me want to tear a woman's clothes off.
  15. Two staples for me when I was in high school in the early 90s are still worthy today: Chanel Egoiste and Dior Fahrenheit (though sadly the latter isn't quite what it used to be). Both are 80s classics. Well, okay, Egoiste was 1990, but very close. Another favorite of mine is Loewe Esencia, from 1988.
  16. It's been one I've bought again too, though partly because the 110ml bottle was on offer for an extremely cheap price just before Christmas. Perhaps it is one of those scents you get into at a certain time of your life?

    I'd heard the shaving soap wasn't great for the lather too, but it's good to hear you've managed to get some use for it.

    I used the body shampoo again earlier. I only have a travel size tube at the moment - came with a Christmas gift set - but I'll be investing in a bottle. I personally think it has a bit of a smokey quality to it as well, which really adds to the experience.
  17. I bought bottles of both last year or so. I wear them quite a bit, though not as much as my Giorgio Armani Eau Pour Homme and Aramis. I agree that they're still worthy in 2015 and more distinctive than a lot of recent designer fragrances. I quite like the current Fahrenheit, but it would be great to compare it with an older formulation: the newer one is long lasting on my skin. Egoiste has a great deal of staying power for me too, and it's that lasting Sandalwood/Vanilla combination that I particularly like.

    I'd suggest to any fans of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb to try Egoiste because the man behind Egoiste is Jacques Polge, the father of Olivier Polge (responsible for Spicebomb). They both share a warm, sweet and spicy scent that is ideal for winter evenings in my opinion.

    While posting about Chanel, I believe that Pour Monsieur Concentree was released in 1989. That's another of my fairly recent discoveries. Ideal for evenings.
  18. Eternity
    Fendi Uomo

    Were my goto 80's frags. Loved the Fendi
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  19. My favourites that are still in rotation

    bookended by Polo (yes not strictly launched in the 80s) and Yardley English Blazer which was launched in the last year so a bit late on the scene

    Polo > Tobacco & Pine Trees
    Obsession > when I want to smell sweet
    Quorum > mostly a powdery scent over a very light leather
    Yardley Gold (now by Parfums Bleu) > when I want to smell like I've rolled in musk
    English Blazer > Citrus, Ozone & Moss

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