Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

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    I keep Obsession stashed away for the important meetings or dates. Love the stuff!
  1. I used Aspen a lot during those years. And I used a lot of Old Spice Original and Old Spice Fresh before P&G took over American production of it and messed it up.
  2. Still wear Joop and Cool Water on occasion, mostly when no one else is home...:)
  3. Well, let's just say I failed to stop purchasing more colognes despite saying last month I'd wait until I got at least 50% through at least one bottle.

    It didn't help that I decided to buy one for my Dad t'other day - he's been bought one of his favourites (Chanel Allure Homme Sport) incidentally. As noted in my previous post in this thread, Fahrenheit is a favourite. I treated myself to a small bottle of that - it was at the time cheaper in the shop I bought it than online. That was about 2 weeks ago.

    I then went away over the weekend to London to finish my Christmas shopping. I made the fatal mistake of having a browse through the fragrance section of House of Fraser, and once again stumbled across Armani Eau Pour Homme. I had to have one treat after all.

    No more until... the January sales at least!!!!!
  4. Armani pour Homme is fantastic and no one can fault you for that. Which one did you get, the vintage or reformulated version?
    They're both good in my opinion. Right now, I'm working through a bottle of vintage.
    $Nov 06, 2014.jpg
  5. Thank you for the BiB!

    I'm sure it's reformulated as I bought it from a department store. However, I'm pleased with it. I should have discovered this scent years ago. Out of interest, have you tried Eau D'Aromes yet?
  6. No, I haven't yet. Have you?
    I may not for a while. I'm worried that I may like it, and then may have to purchase it. :001_smile
    Right now I am preparing for a sabbatical from my AD.

  7. There is some disagreement among collectors as to what constitutes vintage for this fragrance:

    FWIW, I wore the vintage version in the 80's but to be frank Eau de Rochas Pour Homme is better and available (cheap) on Ebay. You want the one that says Pour Homme and not merely Homme as it is the reform. version. :thumbup1:
  8. Armani Eau Pour Homme is my all time fav. Still have some left.
  9. Yeah, I was class of 1990. I didn't wear any colognes or use any scented products until I got into wet shaving recently. I think it was the clouds of Drakkar Noir or Obsession that permeated the high school...those scents take me back - and still make me gag. :001_smile

  10. Reading your thread gave me a flashback to high school as well. Class of 1993. Then I looked at your location. I think it was a Puget Sound thing up here. These were the 2 most common colognes worn back in the late 80's and early 90's. But I still like Obsession. Drakar has been re formulated and dosen't smell quite as good as it used to. Still use it accasionally though.
  11. I've tried Eau D'Aromes. I'd say given you're taking a sabbatical, you can wait until the spring to try it but I would recommend you do at some point. I'm going to be tempted to get some for spring/summer. I get the feeling like the new Eau Pour Homme I have that it's one that makes its presence felt without choking people in the room!
  12. Drakkar has been reformulated really badly, its more like a splash or an aftershave than an edt nowadays
  13. I've always kept a small bottle in my dresser drawer. It's one of my favorites and I don't really wear colognes that often. But CK Obsession is just one of those modern scents that reeks masculinity in a calm confident manner without being too outdated or old man smelling. Great stuff!! I also love the female version on women, don't know why but it just turns me on.
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  14. Soooooo...I tried some Eau D'Aromes, and it has the potential for being a winner.
    It just went on my "to do" list post sabbatical.
    You're an enabler. :laugh:
  15. Haha! Glad to be of service. :thumbup1: Thanks for letting me know too, I had a feeling you might like it.

    I'll most likely be investing in some too come spring. I'd been tempted to invest in a bottle of Acqua Essenza but having sampled Eau D'Aromes and my current love affair with Eau Pour Homme, Acqua is on the back burner now. Acqua is incredibly popular in my part of the UK and I like something a bit more distinctive.
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    Lapidus Pour Homme hasn't been mentioned yet. I just picked up a bottle, and love it. In the Yatagan, Quorum, Azzaro PH, Kouros power category.
  17. Oh man! I just checked Lapidus out on Fragrantica and a couple of online vendors. It seems like another one to add to my post-sabbatical list.
    I guess it could be worse. I could have nothing to look forward to, right? :tongue_sm
  18. I have:

    Polo *frequently wear
    Z-14 *frequently wear
    Grey Flannel
    I'm sure there are others, too.
  19. Love older scents that are even pre-80's. Kouros, Kouros Fraicheur, Versace L'homme, vintage Polo, vintage Obsession, etc.

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