Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

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    That's because they have all been reformulated due to ignorant IFRA restrictions in Europe. I have about 100 different classic 'Powerhouse' male frags from the past. I rarely if ever buy anything new as it's garbage. Vintage is where its at. You just have to know how to tell the difference.
  1. For many years, the only splash I used was Elizabeth Taylor's Passion (for men).

    I still use it from time to time, and it has always generated lovely comments from the ladies who find themselves downwind.

    Since getting into wet shaving, I am experimenting with many other scents... Right now, working through a Fine AS sampler... Great fun.
  2. I still have a bottle of Tsar that I bought in the early 90s. I still get compliments when I wear it on occasion. I have bottles of Aramis and Drakkar that belonged to my late father. I actually tracked down and ordered a bottle of Aramis Classic Reserve; although I believe that this is a relatively recent addition to the Aramis line.
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    How about english Fern???
    It was launched in the 90's.
    1890 that is.

    $english fern revisor simpson jan 9 2014.jpg
  4. On that note; I really like Cella Classica, which was also introduced in the 90's (of the same century).
  5. I recently sampled Dior Fahrenheit for the first time. I know this is a cheap shot, but it immediately put me in mind of that scene from the 2004 movie, Anchorman, when one of the characters splashes on a retro-styled, vulgar-smelling cologne called 'Sex Panther', in an effort to impress a lady. His colleague (Will Ferrell's character) immediately comments something along the lines of "It really stings the nostrils, in a good way. I'm gonna be honest with you...that smells like pure gasoline." Well, I guess I won't go as far as to say Fahrenheit smells like pure gasoline, but it was too heavy and masculine for little old me!
  6. 1988 in high school, we all wore Polo. A lot of it. A whole lot... Like room clearing amounts... Lol
    I've thought about getting a bottle, but am afraid it would be like crack and wouldn't be able to stop squirting it
  7. I remember being that way with Obsession. I would shower myself with the stuff. So bad that when my friends mom took us to the mall. She had to have the window rolled all the way there as well as on the way back. LOL

    At that time it didn't bother me. As I thought I smelled Macho:thumbup:
  8. The hallways of my highschool were toxic with Polo (green). I still like the smell of it and will occasionally take a whiff at a department store. Just can't bring myself to buy it, though.
  9. I just began working on a 2nd degree at the age of 27. This has landed me at a community college surrounded by noses even younger than mine. It got me thinking that I could probably pull off the 80s fragrances without triggering any nostalgia. It's worked. I've gotten complements on 3 different scents: Cool Water, Drakkar, and Stirling Sharp Dressed Man AS when I went to class like 20 minutes after shaving. They say SDM is modeled after GIT, but I doubt it's even in the same ballpark (certainly isn't similar to CW).

    I'm pretty happy about this because you generally read about how people have these scents pegged, but those people probably aren't 25 or under. And I personably love wearing these for my own pleasure. Didn't expect it, but I typically use CW daily. Drakkar on occasion. It's a bit... Uh... Promiscuous. Not the vibe I care to give off when listening to a professor lecture about heart valves and adrenal hormones.
  10. New Jersey Class of '89 here - Polo & Drakkar smell like guidos to me
  11. Lessee, my last three weeks' frags have been Cool Water, Yatagan, Halston Z-14, with Azzaro Pour Homme on tap this week...I guess you could say yes.

  12. Obsession
  13. Halston, Polo, Drakaar, Eternity, obsession, and Paco Rabonne
  14. Oh man I have a bottle of Chaps in the closet. Guess I'm ready if it ever comes back into style.
  15. Drakkar
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    Four of my 11 frags came from my college and law school years: Quorum (1982), Yatagan (1976), Azzaro Pour Homme (1978) and Kouros (1981). Yep, I'm into powerhouse frags from the disco/early punk era. I'm also into Knize Ten (1924), Bandit EdP (1944) and Pino Silvestre (1955), all from before I was born. I don't own any Axe, Tom Ford or Bond No. 9.
  17. Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui
  18. The Gr80ties for a reason
  19. Colognes: Paco Rabanne, Polo, Royal Copenhagen, Giorgio Armani (the original, but it was expensive)
    AS: Aqua Velva Blue, Brut, Skin Bracer, Pinaud Clubman

    They were cheap but they still smelled great. Women loved it and you wouldn't dare say what you were wearing. LOL!

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