Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

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    Not sure what it is about those 1980's macho powerhouse colognes that I like so much. I think it may be that it was about the time (mid to late 80's) that I started getting my own colognes and not using Dad's anymore. Or maybe it just brings back memories of my youth. Or the strong scent they have.

    Anyway I've always kept a few of these colognes in my rotation. But recently I've added a few more

    The 80's colognes I have always had in my collection are:


    Here are the ones that I have added over the last 6 month

    Ceasars Man

    So who else here enjoys 80's colognes. If so, what's in your collection?
  1. I remember Aramis as being my go-to cologne during the 80s.
  2. +1 for Obsession
  3. Quorum, Giorgio of Beverly Hills for Men and Azarro Pour Homme (1978) still get regular use by me, APH weekly. I'll occassionally reach for or Sung Homme.
  4. Phog Allen

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    Heck yeah. Quorom comes to mind. The power scents of the 80s were way more interesting than all these aquatic scents. Add Polo to the list.

    Cheers, Todd
  5. The topic of colognes I wore in the 80s brings up memories of Grey Flannel (my favorite at the time), Halston Z14, Eau Savage and Polo Green.
  6. I came to like Polo by the late 80's. I hear it has been re-formulated though.

    I'll have to try a sample, as I'm not sure what I would think of it now. But I'm sure I'll like it. Since it's got fougere.

    I like the fact that I only need 1 maybe 2 spays of these 80's colognes and I can smell the cologne on me for a good 6+ hours.

    Put some Sung Homme on this morning. Sprayed it on the front neck area before I left for work. When I got to work, I had to change into my work uniform. But could smell the cologne on me for most of the day. When I opened my locker, to change back into my into my street clothes. My locker smelled like Sung that was on the front neck line of my shirt. And this was 10hrs later:yesnod:
  7. nemo

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    Paco Rabanne, but I suppose that's 70's.
  8. martym

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  9. I used my older brothers Michael Jordan cologne, brings back a lot of good memories. I also used a Brute calogne that came in a blue bottle, no idea what it was called and I have not seen it in years. Anyone know what the blue bottle was called?
  10. I got

    Coty Musk
    Grey Flannel
    Avon Black Suede
  11. Still use quorum and aspen
  12. 99% of my colognes are from the 80's or before ,I have the following 80's fragrances
    lapidus pour homme
  13. I love the smell of Drakkar Noir, my dad has worn it all my life and still has a bottle.

    I heard they toned down the strength a bit, and people over on basenotes were having a fit about it. You know, the usual "they ruined it, its awful, get that crap away from my nose", etc etc.

    So I picked up a small bottle on sale for cheap at my local drugstore. I can safely say its as strong as ever, and as far as I can remember, its always been too strong :lol:. I get headaches with just one spray to the chest.

    Because of this thread, I'm going to try some Drakkar tonight, maybe on my stomach, see how that works lol. I hope I don't work my way to the soles of my feet.
  14. I found it, I really liked this stuff back in the day.

  15. +1 for Obsession
    Still have a big bottle..
  16. Thats it I am encouraged or is that enabled, I am getting some. Thanks Gents !
  17. I ordered a bottle of Aspen yesterday. I hope it hasn't changed..
  18. I had Van Gils and Davidoff in the 80's. Both don't smell like they used to do anymore, or my skin chemistry has changed.

    Knowing what I know now, I should have stocked up then :wink2:
  19. Enjoying Obsession and Grey Flannel. Didn't use them in the 80s; took me another 30 years to discover them!

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