Anyone else “shave” with their little kids?

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    So my 4.5 year old is obsessed with “shaving” with me in the morning; she’s not a massive fan of my menthol-based products, but otherwise enjoys brushing on a lather with me and cleaning it off her face with a fake razor I made for her. Lately, she seems especially fond of me using Stirling’s vanilla sandalwood soap and some proraso white balm afterward (she likes the smells, can’t blame her).

    I gave her a little proraso travel brush (Omega), and made her a fake razor that I moulded/cast from my 34c (no misidentifying which is safe for her to use), which seems to have made her very happy. Anyone else’s little ones into this as well? I enjoy sharing this with her; I’m very much interested to see if anyone else has similar stories, and if there’s anything that their kids especially like.

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  1. Claudel Xerxes

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    I don't have any children, but can remember doing the same with my dad. It started with a "T" shaver (literally, the letter T from a refrigerator magnet set). Once I discovered my uncle's dopp kit, I messed around with a safety razor without a blade. Some fond memories, pretending that I was shaving.
  2. My daughter (3) loves making lather with Daddy. She has a little shave kit. As I make the lather she puts her brush in getting some lather and brings it in her little mug to stir. Then when I lather the face she does the same. She does her best with the fake razor. She loves Daddy's Mamara Barber AS Cologne after the shave. I think that's her favorite part. She uses more AS Cologne than I do.
  3. Both my kids, boy 5 and daughter 3 love the shaving thing. They want to smell my soaps when I get new ones, want me to shave them, and of course want the aftershave. I think it's cool that they enjoy it almost as much as I do.

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  4. image.jpg My son has this toy straight razor he pretends to shave with. He uses my wee scot brush too.
  5. Great moments, memories. However, never underestimate a child's curiosity when it comes to razor blades and other "toys."
  6. Very good point. They will reach for anything so be careful about where you put things.
  7. Wee children will climb on toilets, sinks, cabinets, countertops, vanities, ladders, chairs... to reach something enticing. Razors, knives, matches, firearms, swords...are shiny objects.

    Be careful, please.
  8. Daughter is 2.5, so no. I'm sure she would play with my razors if I left them within reach though!

    My parents kept my first "razor" for a long time. I'll have to see if my Mom knows where it is, or of it was lost in the last move.


    I don't remember getting a brush with mine!
  9. My girls watched and played too. I was using carts then, and can’t remember how I “shaved” them.

    But they’re great memories to build.
  10. My 2 year old daughter loves to paint the lather on my face with the shave brush. Inevitably, I end up with it in my eyes, ears, nostrils, etc. but I love having little moments like that with her!
  11. My daughter really enjoys smelling my soaps and helping me clean my razors. Precious moments to me.
  12. No, but my English Springer Spaniel loves smelling my badger brushes. Does that count?
  13. My kids love making potion with my aftershaves

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  14. Where did you get that?
  15. My dad let me use an old super speed when I was about 5. I was fascinated by the TTO mechanism. I'd open and close it over and over then "shave" with no blade and way too much Barbasol. It wasn't until a few years ago that I had had a memory flash and found an old Gillette on ebay. My son is only 18 months, but I'm sure it won't be long before I am buying a cheap Weishi and omega brush or something to play with
  16. My son is 3. He has a blue razorock se and a razorock bruce brush he lathers up and shaves with. He uses col conk lime in his own mug and is starting to get a bowl lather going and brushes on his face
  17. My wife bought it from the dollar store I think. It was my first Father’s Day present.
  18. I mostly had a beard while my two boys were little but my parents gave me a toy shaving kit.
  19. johnwick

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    Great story!

    My four year old twins are huge fans of my brushes and aftershaves! They are leaning towards synthetics over my badgers and boars due to the softness and the fact that it tickles them!

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