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Anyone do custom blade sample packs?

I'm wondering is any shave shops do custom blade sample packs, or have reasonable 5/10 blade prices that allow you to put together a custom sample pack without spending $0.60/blade for what's normally a $0.20 or $0.30 blade?

I'm looking to try the following:

Astra Platinum
Astra Stainless
7am Green Super Stainless
7am Yellow Super Sharp

I'm Having trouble finding a sampler pack with the above that's not also full of Lord, Treet, Bluebird, Supermax, etc.

I'd also like to try the Personna Medical or Lab, but it looks like you need to commit to 100 or 250 from a medical supply store to get those at all.
David from razorbladesandmore.com is helping me put together a custom sampler pack. He doesn't carry everything I listed above, but I'm going to be trying some cheaper blades I hadn't considered. I put together the following 7 type 41 blade sampler:

- 5 Astra Platinum
- 6 Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge
- 5 Feather Black
- 5 Personna Red
- 5 Personna Israeli
- 10 Lord Super Stainless
- 10 Dorco ST301

David usually sells 10 packs of Personna Medical but is out of stock (like everyone else) at the moment. Otherwise those would have been included. I considered trying the Personna Barber instead, but David recommended I just wait for the Medical, mainly because I'm still a beginner. He contacted me based on this thread and was quick to respond to PMs. His small quantity prices aren't over-inflated a, but shipping can hit a little hard until you start to get the total quantities a bit higher.
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Good fella that David, eh? He also sells small quantities of the Medical Personna blades, although his website at razorbladesandmore.com still shows those to be out of stock. He had earlier posted that the new stock should arrive this week, so you can keep an eye out for those as well if you want. They're my favorites.
Can anyone comment on his Parker Pure Badger and Ivory Best Badget brushes? Both include a free chrome brush/razor stand which might make them a particularly good value if they're up to snuff, at least compared to the $10-20 LiJun or Tweezerman brushes.
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