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Anyone catch Corey's dig at Ron?


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
6-6-06, the blog.

Click on the word, ahem, "commoner".:lol:

Ron's probably forgotten more about shaving than Mr. "I've been doing this a whole year, that's twelve months, mind you, and I can manipulate the industry with a snap of my fingers".
Sure did -

Pretty uncalled-for. I've had some private dealings with Corey and he's always been a gentleman. Reading stuff like this just saddens me. I don't know if he's actually a jerk or if he can't help himself when he's "blogging."

I would like to think it's the latter.:nonod:
I caught the dig the other day. I didn't see any reason to bring it up. Corey will do what he's gonna do. I didn't see the point in giving him any publicity over it.

Don't waste your typing, gents, and ignore him. Though, for someone who likes to make fun of shaving forums, he sure spends a lot of time perusing them.
What's the history here? Like others I have enjoyed the "blog". Especially when I first looked into wet shaving. Why the feud with the shave groups? And especially, why the feud with Ron? Its hard for me to imagine anyone having a feud with Ron; possibly the most knowledgable and helpful shaving mentor here.
Hmm, I don't read shaveblog for the simple reason that the one time I read through some of it, I didn't learn anything. But I too would like to hear the backstory on why he'd pick on Ron. I've learned tons from Ron's posts, and have known him to be a gentleman in every post. It seems more than rude to call him a commoner.
Although I am not aware of the background here, and given half of the **** that appears on shaveblog I really don't care, ever since I started frequenting B&B, Ron (amongst others) has always been willing to provide advice and encouragement in a gentlemanly fashion. His knowledge is second to none and he has put up with my rookie fumblings with good humour. To me, such a backhanded and condescending personal attack is the very definition of common.
Warm regards,


I like Ron, and it is for that reason that I do not read the blog. Well, he has attacked others that I know and I do not know that Ron and the others ever did anything to the writer of the blog. They say he is a nice enough fellow, but I just do not understand the reasoning behind it. If you disagree with what Ron says or thinks, fine, but why make it personal.

This must be my 15 seconds of fame? To be insulted by Mrs. Greenberg's son? Be still my fluttering heart. After the blogger's attack on Joe Lerch, I decided that he was merely a mean spirited would have been media flak. Oh well.. Period of fame ended..
Anything of true value that I have ever read from this fellow has been information regurgitated from another source. Apparently his only individual thought is insult. I used to stay caught up with his blog, I now find that I don't have time to search through all of the garbage for the few useful tidbits.
I deleted a post I made earlier, mainly because I feared it might delve into a topic best left undelved into, but I must make an observation :blushing: :tongue:

I noticed when reading a description on nancyboy.com, the owner states: "the shaving enthusiasts online bible, www.shaveblog.com." (Of course, there was a plug for NB cream, hence the reference). I understand this guy did a Today show wetshaving deal last year and now he has a 'blog.' And?...........:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I must have missed something somewhere. I mean, his writing is very mildly entertaining/humorous, but as for product info, it's just HIS opinion. And yes, I have read a couple of inflammatory pieces and such that were unwarranted, which makes me think very little of the dude. Other than the mildly entertaining aspect, who is he and why should I listen to him regarding shaving??

Some will say, "just don't read it if you don't like it." I don't read it, but that's not the point. When you have B&B and SMF, why on earth would you seek advice, reviews and info elsewhere? Must be the humorous aspect, which I get plenty of on the 2 aforementioned forums anyway, gents!!



Red Bob: You have to know the "controversy" of this blogger and what he used to do on the Today Show. Since his "mist-step", I have not seen him back on the Today Show nor have I heard anyone mention seeing him on television. He was able to generate a lot of viewership and get products donated to him. Could be that he has advertisers that pay him to tout their products, whether it be just a manufacturer or an on-line retailer or etailer of various goods.

You know, shaving is not really all that difficult. It is kinda like brewing coffee, or wearing fedoras, or using hunting knives, it is just sharing information, sharing of conversation and not much else. Why anyone has to take a dig at another person over shaving bemuses me and also makes me feel that someone who is likely to get upset all over that must really be wound too tight.

I don't know who Ron is but thanks for pointing it out it was a dig at him as I wouldn't have got it otherwise - I'm sure Ron is pleased we're all discussing this.

Maybe next time PM your support fella's

Corey who?

Ron has been extremely helpful to me and others on this site- his knowledge has been invaluable to me so I have no need to read this bloke's blog.

If u cannot say something nice about someone else, then say nothing at all( the gentleman's way of life).



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The very first posts recall reading on this site were Ron's. I think he knows he has our full support. His unflappable nature (just read his perfect response) is the very reason I pointed this out in the first place.

I, for one, wish Corey would devote more time to his shaveblog. As far as I'm concerned, the more he writes about shaving, the less time he has to write about audio.:lol:
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