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Anyone actually saving money?

Yes with shaving as an chore now enjoyable, $3 a couple of months on cream. 3.66 for a bottle of witch hazel that Dickinson bottle is good for 6 months plus. Homemade aftershave balm, Sunflower+a little Jojoba+couple of drops of tea tree oil and a few cloves, heavenly and cheap as anything. Blades, now last for 10+ shaves, thanks to methods of the Excalibur club.
As a Hobby bought $500 of razors within last year a total of 15, so I'm pretty much set for life. Again the razors are cheap, cheap none of my guns that I collect is less than 500.


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So how about you?
That boat is long gone... I probably would need to disconnect the internet to be able to be even now. I was pretty good for the last 2 years (only spent around 100$/year on gear). Now I realise that I have a lot of things that are either not made anymore or that the formula changed.

I still have a short list of things I want but I already spent my 100$ for 2020... :lol::lol::lol:
I am......


I stopped shaving last year..

another year and I will be approaching my "Rip Van Winkle" self once again....
It's possible to save money, but it seems to be uncommon, at least on this forum. Everything you read tempts you to buy more stuff..... Expenses are going to be high in the beginning because you want to buy decent equipment to start shaving this way. Plus, there is an element of curiosity that makes you want to try new things to see what you like. I think expenses can taper off after this point..... Instead of money going to overpriced cartridges and junk, it's gone to things that are more fun and interesting. Things that will last quite a long time'''''
I was reading your post and my experience is pretty similar to yours. I've been wet shaving for close to 3 years. I have not saved any money but I see it as an investment in a hobby I very much enjoy.

So far I have:
7 razors (RR GC.68 and .84, RR Mamba .70, RR SLOC, Merkur Futur, EJ DE89, Maggards V3)
9 brushes (boar, badger and synthetic)
12 aftershaves and balms
19 soaps and creams
600 razor blades
Alum stick
Styptic pencil

There are still a few more things I'd like to buy. I don't own a vintage razor and would like to get a Fatboy, a Blackland Dart just because I like the design, and since I'm a Bay Rum freak, a few more soaps, and aftershaves.

I'll probably end up either selling or PIFng a couple of the razors and brushes and keep the ones I really like. And then start a sabbatical in 2021. I think my wallet will thank me!
I did not switch to wet shaving to save money, but I certainly could. $20-25 for a decent razor (just one), $11 for a good quality synthetic brush, $120 (give or take) for 10 years’ worth of good blades, $12 for a dozen Arko sticks that should last me to the end of decade, that’s about $16 or so per year. As opposed to $70-80 per year on cartridges and canned stuff.

But, where’s fun in buying just one razor ?
I'm also saving money on After Shaves, I make my own. I'm thinking of other ways that I will save money, now that I'm out of the Rabbit Hole ( I hope). I will up date.
For the past three years I've been saving money DE shaving. I've been in the annual restraints and have been 3017ing soaps. During this year's restock I purchased two bottles of Proraso preshave cream, and a bottle of Proraso ASB. No other purchases will be made for the year. The first three years after I started wet shaving I bought soaps, aftershaves, a few razors, and a few brushes - nothing extravagant, but definitely more than I needed. Once I started on the monthly restraints it gave me confidence to join the quarterly then annual restraints.

3017ing soaps takes the "need" to buy more soaps away since you're focusing on one soap and working through the stash that you already have. I have 15 soaps left to work through, which should take a few years. I have about 300 blades which will take me decades to use since I'm in the Excalibur club and get 30+ shaves per blade. I have 5 brushes (2 synth, two boar, one silvertip) that I rotate through at about a month at a time - although lately I could drop that to 3 that I use regularly, and 4 razors of which I generally use 2. I have about 10 aftershaves which I could narrow down to 3 that I typically use.

Once you start restraining and appreciating what you already have it becomes easier to save money and making DE shaving an activity vs a hobby. It's just shaving - that's not to say you can't enjoy it, just don't let it dominate.
absolutely saved money bought a years worth of blades for £6 not the £100+ I would have spent on carts then the razors in respect have cost me about £70 so thats a saving of at least £30 in the first year and next year the savings will grow as I wont need to spend the £70 on the razor as I already have that it will just be £6 ish on blades and some cheep soap .
but let me add its not all about the money my skin is healthier my mind is healthier ( due to the relaxing nature of the shave ) and the friends I have added to my list thanks to sites like this have made it all worth while .
I don't think that I bought anything last year other than a 100 pack of Israeli Personnas. I wouldn't have bought those except for the rumors that they may be moving production. I probably won't spend any money this year on shaving products. Most of my razors are vintage, and I could probably sell them for more than I paid for them.
I haven’t bought anything for a long time. I haven’t stopped myself I just dont need anything. Dont think Ive saved anything though cause their was a time I spent a fair bit of money. But if I had to start over $400 and I would be happy for a long time.


Everyone switches to DE to say money. Coarse beard, sensitive skin. All a bunch of Oscar Mayer.
Ain’t nobody saving money unless you’re growing a beard.

And then what...

You’re spending money on cigars. Or pens. Or firearms. B&B ain’t for those that want to save money. Just turn around and leave now if you signed up to save money. PM a mod and we’ll delete your account.

You shave daily, you spend money. You don’t shave daily, you still spend money. That’s B&B.
I believe I have and here is why.

Back when I used carts, After the 4th shave, it would start tugging and you knew you had to swap these but you were so cheap that you would drag for who knows how long on that same blade, just thinking on the costs of those things.

Now, you just toss them, no regrets whatsoever, and this also has some added benefits for your skin, and the pshycological aspect of the relaxation. The doing things not in a rushed way but rather zen/meditative state, that you can have a piece of mind early morning and come out reinvigorated rather that dreading the whole routine.

So, sure, I spent not that much on the onset, just the 30 USD for the Van Der Hagen set at Wal-Mart, but after a while, you start looking at all those soap reviews and you start wondering what they smell like and sure enough, you end up with 40+ soaps, and the same with razors, cheap and high end alike, but after a while, I settled on what I had and now , it's been a couple of years where I haven't bought a single shaving related item, and the supply don't seem to dwindle at all, so all in all I would say that I if I had kept spending on carts all this 5 years rather than on DE's, plus all the benefits I just mentioned, yes, I did save a LOT!!!

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Gilette Mach 7.5 vs Personna lab blue 12$/100ct ... there is a ton of money to be saved on blades.
And every task is a lot more fun if you enjoy it, opposed to being a chore to just get over with.
So I don't mind the money I spent on way too many brushes and fancy razors:biggrin1::thumbup:
I’m not saving any money, but now have the most enjoyable hobby instead of an uncomfortable daily chore. As far as hobbies go, wet shaving is pretty cheap. I have friends who snowmobile. Those suckers are expensive, and they will drop $500-$1000 on upgrades without blinking.