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Anybody use a light table?

I have an Artograph light pad (http://www.danielsmith.com/Item--i-018-010-031) which I thought might be good for penmanship practice and work. The idea is to use some fine writing paper on top of a guide sheet on the light pad. Without the pad, it is difficult to see the guide lines through the paper, but they can be seen easily and clearly on the light pad..

It does make for a harder writing surface, but I'm having trouble getting used to writing without guide lines though I expect practice might overcome that..

Anyway, does anyone else use a light pad / light table with guide sheets.


I toyed with the idea of making a glass top lap desk with a LED sheet underneath for lighting. I need to get around to that.
Last time we moved our print and prepress departments I think we threw away a dozen or more light tables. Since we don't use film anymore the are worthless and heavy objects that take up a lot of space. That being said you could probably find a true light table cheap or free if you call around to some of the printing companies in your town.
I have used them before but, now for writing. That is a good idea though. If anyone is interested in trying it, you can also get them from tattoo supply companies.

The Knize

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I use a glass end table with a portable light underneath.
Me, too. I do a lot better with guide lines showing through or imprinted on the paper. I am sure that practice helps make things better without guidelines, but this is exacting stuff!