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Anybody Try Truefitt's Brushes?

I now have a 28mm XL Silvertip Shavemac; a 22mm "super" Vulfix; a 22mm Kent BK2 on the way; and a "best" Wee Scot Simpson.

When I ordered the Kent I thought it was smaller, because I really want something in between the Wee Scot (which is obviously tiny) and my 22mm brushes...

I saw Nordstrom carries the Truefitt & Hill brushes, in what they call a "super" badger, in two sizes: either $95 or $105... I think the smaller size is what I'm looking for- Truefitt doesn't give knot sizes, but they say they're 4" tall. Nordstrom, on the other hand, appears to have two sizes (available in two handle styles and two colors each)... Truefitt's website only has the $105 brushes and a "compact" $50 brush, which has a handle that does not match anything that Nordstrom carries...:confused:

Are these any good? Worth the $100 price range???
I have a T&H small ebony brush, which I love. I am pretty sure it is a Vulfix. I had some hair loss problems, and T&H is sending me new one. If you decide you like them, you can generally find them at ashford at a steep discount - don't buy them direct or at Nordstroms is my recommendation.

You're saying you think Vulfix makes it for T&H? Then why not just buy a Vulfix? I think they're much more reasonably priced, no?
Not sure I have seen the Vulfix in ebony, which is really nice. Also, the discounts from Ashford can be pretty deep. Here is the one:
I ecco what Scotto said. When askford has a sale - they are super cheap, and the faux ebony is much nicer looking (especially for the travel brush) than the faux ivory.
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