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Anybody else miss shaving with just one razor?


I shaved a fortune
I think the definition of “a lot” varies widely. I don’t think I have “a lot” of razors. I have a Top 6 and one I use around my nose.

That might seem excessive to some people and a poor start to others. I certainly don’t “need” another razor but I just ordered an ATT S1 DE slant, sight unseen. I should have researched it first but…….
I used to be able to shave with a Gillette Mach 3 - same cartridge - for months at a go until rust almost appears. I kind of miss how I was so easily satisfied in the past.

But otherwise, no.
I think the definition of “a lot” varies widely. I don’t think I have “a lot” of razors. I have a Top 6 and one I use around my nose.

That might seem excessive to some people and a poor start to others. I certainly don’t “need” another razor but I just ordered an ATT S1 DE slant, sight unseen. I should have researched it first but…….
You will like the S1 slant.....great razor.
Over the years, having escaped from the slavish tyranny of following cartridge razor ‘innovation’ and advertising, I have become enslaved to exploring traditional straights and traditional kamisori razors and vintage razor/stropping systems (Rolls, Darwin, Henckels, Allegro, Valet, Ronson). I do not miss having just one razor and like to mix it up in rotation. However, emotionally/psychologically no other razor comes close to the experience of shaving with a traditional straight or a traditional kamisori, with the latter having the edge...
I'm a one razor user.

If I do switch, I'll switch for weeks, months or.longer.
I am a one razor user also. How I shave causes me to feel like I am shaving with 4 or 5 different razors types. Here’s how:

First, the only razor I use is my 1924 ER Shovel head. Yes, I enjoy a smooth, efficient shave. It does matter how I receive it.

For different experiences, I rotate every four to five shaves with either a CS blade or SS blade. They both provide excellent shaves.

The CS slightly smoother. I get about four shaves out of it. The SS is smooth also but last longer. Sometimes I may squeeze in a fifth shave.

For different experiences, I rotate between three different handle types and lengths. What I use is random, based on what I want to use on that day.

One is a long handle type. Smooth with no knurling.

One is a short handle type. Smooth no knurling.

One is a short handle type. Very grippy with knurling.

Each handle provides a quality experience that is predictable , and that is expected, which is what I like.

The feeling, and sensation of knowing the experience I will enjoy with each handle is something I look forward to, that makes my day.

I miss it when I skip a day of shaving, for whatever reason.
I started wet shaving about 27 years ago when. Back then, I bought a Gillette Click (plastic DE razor) and used it exclusively for almost 20 years. During this time, no one I knew used a DE razor. I knew nothing about the various types of blades and that there were good quality razors being sold. I just shaved with body soap and cheap Indian made razors. Hated shaving, but what I used got the job done. How things have changed once I discovered B&B, YouTube videos and learned about all the fantastic products out there.
I now look forward to my shaves and I just love having variety. I don't think I can go back to using just one razor. I definitely won't enjoy it as much as I am now, especially considering the huge number of products I have. I love seeing how different razor/blade combinations work for me.
Good for you. Thank you for the share.
Not me. I've used the same Wolfman virtually every day I'm home for around 7 years. But I know what you mean, I was just traveling and it took me a couple of days to hit that same groove with my travel razor.
You make a good point.

I do only use one razor type.

I do have back ups of the the same razor type. One for travel. One in the emergency bag in the car with clothes, toiletries, etc.

They are the same razor type, but they do shave differently.

If I can’t use my daily driver, my shaves are less enjoyable, despite using the same razor type.

I feel like I am having an affair.

Silly. I know. Enjoy your next shave.
I'm working my way back to one or two razors, but the question is which ones. Just when I think I have a favorite I pick up another one on Etsy or the bay. I do use the same razor every day for a month before switching out and experiment with different blades. My favorite is a 1955 Red Tip, but I am getting the hang of the Rocket HD I recently acquired. It's my wonder razor. I wonder if it is any better than my regular rocket. I also wonder if it was worth the price in relation to the regular rocket.
At the end of the day a razor is just an instrument to hold a blade.
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No, because even when I used carts and disposables, I still needed two razors. The 5-blade monstrosities couldn’t shave under my nose or trim any edges of any beard or goatee I had. I had to keep a narrower single or double blade for such purposes, but they were poor at regular shaving, so I needed the 5-blade monstrosities. Repeat cycle.
I’m kinda back to using one razor at the moment. We’re in the midst of relocating and we’re staying in a one-bedroom serviced apartment, living out of suitcases for four months until we can move into our new home. I did bring a few razors but it is more convenient to leave most of them in a suitcase and keep only one razor in the bathroom, given the shortage of space.

Shaving-wise, it hasn’t been a hardship to just use one razor. It’s a nice razor. But I wouldn’t say I’m feeling any sense of simplification or liberation from my glut of razors either.

I suspect it’s like everything else - if you have more stuff than you have space for then life feels cluttered and hectic. If you have space for all your razors and they aren’t in the way then it’s ok.
It's funny I stumble across this ... I was thinking just this morning in the shower, "Sometimes I get tired of all the shaving choices I have now." 🤣
I'm now up to 8 razors. Well, technically seven with one on the way. And there are days I sort of struggle to pick which one (I have mini debates about the soap/cream and blade too).
But, let's face it: it's a First World problem. So I shan't complain. 😁
I haven't been a one razor shaver for some time now. I don't know if I could go back to those simple times. I fell into the rabbit hole when my son started shaving about two years ago and I haven't been able to climb out. If I indulged in self diagnosis I'd say my affliction is two-fold: I am fascinated with the look and mechanics of razors and I can't easily part ways with a razor even if I don't use it often. My shave den looks like my library. It's filled with old friends and acquaintances and you never know when you'll feel the urge to visit.
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