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Any Yerba Mate drinkers here?

I stumbled on some Yerba Mate tea, which proportedly had all sorts of health benefits (better for you than green tea) and provides a HUGE jolt of energy without having the drawlbacks of "normal" caffeinated drinks. I tried tea bags of Mate Chocolatte, and greener green tea mate, and loose leaf of the standard, the mocha maca, and Vanilla Nut in a traditional Mate Gourd (see pic below) with traditional Bombilla metal filter straw, and it is really some outstanding stuff. Tastes great, provides one HELL of a kick in the pants, and is healthy. I am a convert!
I tried it, but the taste didn't do much for me. Maybe it's because I drank it from a cup instead of a gourd... :001_huh:
I've been drinking it since I was a kid. I make it in a pot of boiling water and then strain it and pour it in a cup. I have not tried the bombilla though, it's use is to filter out the leaves and twigs with a special straw.
Make sure you get high quality tea that doesn't have a lot of twigs in it. I prefer the loose tea that comes in 1 kg bags.
My parents lived in Argentina and came back with a bunch of these things that look just like Joels.

Aparently it is a drink that is shared. I never caught on to it but its quite a cultural piece.

Joel.....do you have an argentine friend????? How did you get introduced to Mate?
I chanced across Yerba Mate a few years back. I too really liked the smooth non caffeinated pick up - bought a bombilla to filter out the leaves.

My favorite was (somehow i've fallen back to the hard hit of coffee) either natural or lime mate with an equal part of spearmint tea and sugar.

Don't forget that you can get several infusions from each mix. You can sip this stuff all day long!


I'm not a huge fan. But might I suggest you try the soda too.


I personally love Antarctica Guarana Champagne! It also has some giddy-up & mixes well with rum. Especially Myer's Dark

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