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Any soap recommendation?

Hey, my first soap was a Proraso Red. But I would like to go for a different brand, what would you recommend for the same price (around 7€ and avaliable in Europe)?
I find Stirling to be damn good. I used to solely use Queen Charlotte but then they closed forcing me to search around. I ended up with Stirling after several attempts with others.
Tabac is a very polarizing scent; you either love it or hate it. For that reason I would recommend finding it somewhere you can smell it first. I bought it scent unsmelled and did not like it. I'll probably put it on the BST soon because I have a nearly full bottle and puck since I only used it twice. (the soap does perform great though)

Stirling is great and I love Mudder Focker from RazoRock.
Noble Otter
Declaration Grooming
Barrister and Mann
Saponificio Varensino
Southern Withcrafts
D.R Harris
Australian Private Reserve
Storybook Soapworks

My recommendation. If you want to try soaps checkout shavedash.com, you can get samples there.

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