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Any Shaving Trappers On Here?

I know there’s hunters & fishereman on here , but are there any shaving Trappers on here ? If there are post some pics & say Hi !


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Yup, there's a few here. But I've never gotten anything like that haul you have. I'm too far south for the good cold weather fur. Haven't done anything in years.

But here's a thread.

Thanks for the link! That pic was the first batch to go to the auction this winter. I’m very lucky that my coyotes are worth something. I’m blessed to be in a very fur rich area.


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If it wasn't for the local wandering pet dogs I'd try setting some more leg holds for the nasty 'yote population around here...and I live way out of town. The 'yotes kill small pets, newborn calves, deer fawns, etc. and the quail population has went to about zero. As it is I have a .30-30 handy for targets of opportunity. They make the mistake of showing themselves during the day from time to time. But I haven't checked fur prices around here lately...probably not worth skinning one. In the county my uncle's ranch is at there used to be a bounty on them.
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