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any shaving soap hoarders on it?


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I’m weak and I like variety. I have plenty of quality soaps I regularly use, with 3 new ones inbound, couldn’t help myself. I PIF plenty to my brother but am now burdening him with a glut of product. Double down time! Heard good things about the AE Peach and Cognac.


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Yes but only to try so I know what I like :) so while I have bought what I think is a lot I will either sell off or send off or use up and find my top two or so and be happy and not buy anything but those top in the future :)

so KINDA :)
I have bad luck with products I like becoming difficult to get, so I almost hoard by adding not-needed extras of soaps I already have to whatever order I'm placing. A formulation change to Mitchell's or Arko would probably really annoy me so it's a pragmatic stockpile. The soaps I was less than happy with can be slowly used up in the shower.
You can try samples. Keep a few staple soaps and use samples for more variety or a little treat.

Set a limit. It's up to you, but it could be seven, or ten, or fourteen, etc. Make a little rule with yourself that you need to finish at least one soap in your horde before you buy a replacement.

Check out the 3017 soap threads.

Check out the GRUME threads.

Focus on the soap base. You don't really need a bunch of different scents in the same soap base. Just pick one you like a lot.

Plan your purchases in advance. Keep a wish list. You don't have to buy every soap that interests you right away. Just add it to your wish list as a possible future choice. You may find things drop off your wish list on their own after awhile.
I work on board the ship, therefore I'm unable to buy stof for a few months...
Also I try to compensate that when I'm at home, increasing my collection
Out of 17 sopas/creams I hvae, only 3 are in rotation... My wife thinks I rotate them all, but I don't, and for 7 of them she doesen't know
At this point in my shaving career I know exactly what I like in soap- from the ingredients to the scent- so that now makes buying things much easier to try out. I don't stray from my criteria. Of course that took many years to figure out and I have accumulated a pile of junk to get where I'm at, too.
I no longer try new soaps but collect more of my favourite Yardley, Cussons, Goya, and Old Spice soaps. Most of them I put away for my retirement in a couple of years.
Whenever new soap formulations are released that I think might be better than the ones I already have in my collection, I buy them. Noble Otter just released a new scent call Logbook that I think I might like. I have several older Nobel Otter soaps, but none that were made using the current formula. Thus, a new soap is on the way to my mailbox for evaluation.

I currently have over 200 soaps in my collection. That is enough to last about 40 years. According to the actuarial tables my life expectancy is about 15 years. I will never live long enough to outlive all my soaps. However, of those 200 soaps, I only consider around 75 to be good enough to include in my current rotation. If I outlive the actuarial tables, I might outlive my top soaps. Thus, I continue to purchase soaps when I can find ones with both superb performance and superb scents. My goal is to outlive my soap rotation.

Occasionally, I will either PIF or discard some of the soaps that I am unlikely to ever use again. I have given away most of my vegan soaps. I do keep a few soaps that I purchased early in my wet shaving journey just to remind me of how bad soaps were back then. I won't mention the names of those soaps lest I draw the ire of some who use them routinely.
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