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Any Recumbent Riders Among Us? Just ordered my first LWB ride...

Bob L.

After a lot of research and examination of potential dollars to apply to this project I've ordered a Mach 2 Recumbent from AD Carson at Recycled Recumbents. Anyone out there riding a recumbent bike?

Bob L.

Do you need a trike? If not, Recumbent Bicycles has the plans for three different two-wheelers. The plans are free. General Notes - Recycled Recumbents! - https://sites.google.com/site/recycledrecumbents/general-notes. ADC, the owner, also sells component kits. Buy what you don't want to make. General Notes - Recycled Recumbents! - https://sites.google.com/site/recycledrecumbents/general-notes. None of these kits contains the components that fit onto the frame and fork. Brakes, rear wheel along with it's components, crank set, and derailleurs. You outfit the frame and fork with the components and brands you prefer. ADC also supplies seats.

My far better half has me redoing the kitchen this summer. One project at a time for me. I chose to take the option of buying a complete bike. ADC builds it, using components I select or defer to his judgement. (He knows recumbents and makes great suggestions.) Once built he road tests it and adjusts as needed. It is then disassembled for shipping. When it arrives I'll put on the wheels, seat, handlebars, and pedals. Assuming they go on like any other bike that will take an hour or so.
Looks like fun. I've seen a group that meet up just across the street at a park and I always see their flag first - and daytime lights if they are on the street. I bicycle, so know that visibility is the key, and witnesses (they ride in a group, so less chance of a hit and run getting away, and for all I know, they have dash cameras set up).

Bob L.

Group rides coalesce into to two primary sections. The movers and the conversationalists. I started out as a mover. Now... I find conversations are wonderful things.
My plans to sell my recumbent are on hold because of covid-19. I have a great machine: a Zockra High Racer. They are not made anymore, the production run was around 100 machines, I have the frame n°21. I bought it in 2012, it has more than 30 000km.

Full carbon, 8 to 9kg (depending on wheels), short wheelbase, high racer, hamster bars, 20°seat angle.
I'm selling it because I (used to) cycle to work and I got too fast. Fast cruise speed on the flat is around 39-42km/h, and with 23mm tires the flexible frame and seat are not enough to tame the bumps. The bigger problem is that on the days when I feel like switching the brain off and pushing a bit I am at 48-50km/h for long stretches and at this speed it is uncomfortable and not quite safe.

That said, it is great on climbs, handles beautifully on the descents, is incredibly comfortable and fits me like a glove. But I can say the same about my newish diamond-framed bike, which is slower (34km/h fast cruise), has 32mm tires that are a lot more comfortable and hydraulic disc brakes for safety.

Before that I bought a Nazca Pioneer in 2007 that I quickly exchanged with a Performer High Racer.

I recently tried the Wolf&Wolf. It is the best 'bent ever.
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Bob L.

With luck, who knows about shipping these days, my bike should be shipped the first week of May.