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Any place to buy Merkur Blades in Bulk?

So, I see I can get Israelis and Derby's in bulk on ebay. I've seen folks post their deals on Feathers and Sweedes. I can get US Personnas cheaply at Wally World.

But what about Merkurs? I like their blades, but buying them 5 or 10 at a time from "the usual suspects" is an expensive proposition, if you ask me.

Other than "Merkurs Suck!":rolleyes: does anyone have any thoughts?

leesrazors said:
I sell Merkur Blades in bulk at attractive pricing. [email protected] or call 800.503.5001
Welcome to Badger & Blade Warr!

I'll personally vouch for Lee. Great guy to deal with, excellent prices, and he stands behind the products he sells.

Another top notch guy is Charles at QED. Both gentlemen will take care of you.
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