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Any one here from/in/been to Morocco?

As a summer project, I'm researching Abraham Lincoln's Legacy in Morocco. This should be a publishable work when it's finished. I would appreciate some help with leads. :thumbup1:

So, anyone here from Morocco and happen to see a street named after the 16th US President? (or any similar stories you could share)

I'm afraid i can't help with Morocco, but I'd be very interested to hear more about the connection, if you have time. I'm not really a Lincoln buff, but I've spent a bit of time doing research for a friend working on 19th c. English views of him.
So far, I know that a street near the US Embassy is called Place Abraham Lincoln, and there is a Lincoln hotel (in disarray) and that Lincoln, as a democratic leader has inspired education, human rights, and other civic matters within schools and politicians in Morocco. I'm still in the earliest stages of research, so that's about the sum of it so far.
So I concluded my research and submitted my paper. The International Lincoln Center for American Studies was impressed and even offered to make me a Research Associate. :001_smile

If it gets published and is available, I'll let you know in case anyone is interested in that sort of thing. It's certainly not the most boring paper I've written, :tongue_sm but it's not exactly a thrill ride either.
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