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Any of you tried Instapot pulled pork?

We have found many uses for our Instapot. Something we haven't tried is pulled pork. Wonder if you can get close to the flavor of smoking one for 8-10 hours on an outdoor cooker. Pork butt is cheap right now, and getting hungry for pulled pork. But nothing beats the flavor of meat being on a smoker slow cooking all day.
I have made pulled pork in my instant pot many times. It turns out terrific and I always make enough for 2 or 3 meal variations.
Id put a tsp or 2 of liquid smoke, plus a beef bullion cube. with any spices you want to add.
then I shred and add spices to the meat, many times id roll it in a flour tortilla, large one, fit 3 in a 9x9 pan.
brush with butter, pam on the bottom and bake until brown, voila chimichangas. sometimes i add queso and salsa after cooking. freeze the extra's one if you have any.


I've browned and smoked a pork butt on the grill for about an hour or so, then finished it off in the pressure cooker. Turns out OK, but not the same as low and slow on the grill.
I never have time to do PP on the smoker anymore. I do it in the instant pot. I rub it with a store bought rub (i'm into easy) put a cup of BBQ sauce and apple juice or OJ in and let it go for the time listed in the IP suggested time, natural release. Take it out, dump a little pan juice on, mix in as much BBQ sauce you want while you shred and serve. I, and everyone who has it, likes it.


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pulled pork works in the instapot. Is it good? Yeah, but... way better on the smoker.

i tried liquid smoke and do not like the taste.

There’s another technique where you wrap the meat with aluminum 3 times. Make sure that no steam escape. Then it’s slow cook in the oven. That was better IMO.

EDIT: better than instapot, not smoker. Smoker is best!
On the same lines...I was just looking at recipes for Pernil (Cuban style pulled pork shoulder); not intended to be smoked, but full of great flavors if you have never had it; typically takes hours on the stove; looking to try it in the IP....anyone have a trusted method?
One can make pulled pork in the Instapot, crock pot, etc.. but it ain't barbecue. I understand that some folks live in apartments and condos and have no choice.

On days I barbecue, I load up my cooker and smoker and cook enough barbecue to last weeks.
Pulled pork keeps well frozen in a vacuum pack bag. Just drop it in boiling water for a few minutes when ready to eat. Smoke flavor is there and it's just as tender as the day it was cooked but one does lose the bark so I eat the bits with bark the day I smoke. Ribs too... just pull off the cooker prior to putting the glaze on, vacuum seal, and freeze. Drop in boiling water to re-heat and throw on the grill to glaze when ready to eat. Not really more time consuming than an Instapot.