Any know what type & what era this razor is?

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    I was given this fairly old looking razor, the previous owner did not know much other than "it's old".
    It's made in Japan, both sides of the razor have a blade. I feel like it's for mustache shaping due to how small both sides are.

    Tell me what you guys think.

    20181009_202429_HDR.jpg 20181009_202522.jpg 20181009_202529.jpg 20181009_202544.jpg 20181009_202620.jpg 20181009_202646.jpg
  1. Its called a mustache razor...used to trim around the top of edge of ones stash....
  2. I guess I worded that wrong.

    Any idea what brand and age it is?
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    Welcome to BnB. That’s a neat find, let us know how it works once you use it.
  4. That blade looks an awful lot like the Merkur blades, for size and placement of the holes, and the proportions of the sides.
    I would not be surprised if the razor was designed to be compatible with them.
  5. John you are right about the blades, not only that but Merkur makes a detailing beard and mustache razor still to this day that looks exactly like this vintage razor. The only difference other than color is Merkur is German, and mine is made in Japan. I will look into it some more and see if Merkur had any plants in Japan. Thank you for the information.

    Here is a Merkur for sale that looks just like mine.
    Merkur 907 Detailing Beard & Mustache Razor

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