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Any ice fishing gents out there?

I went ice fishing for the first time this season. A place called 11 mile reservoir in Colorado. It's a great place to catch large trout 3+ pounds on a regular basis. They're meat is such a dark rich orange/red.

Anyways, it was very cold 10 degrees with 25mph winds and wind chills to minus 25. I'm between huts right now so i went old school on a bucket on the ice. The action was non existent. I think because it's post frontal fishing. The bite reports were great over the last couple weeks.

Here's a pic looking through 8 inches of ice in 10 fow. See all the rocks and stuff? It's cool and freaky too...


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I grew up in Maine, and enjoyed fishing through 2+ feet of ice every February, chopping five holes per fisherman with a homemade spud. I live in Colorado now, and have ice fished only once, also on Eleven Mile Reservoir in 1995. Ice was too thin for my comfort, about 5 inches as I recall, and the wind across South Park buckled and cracked the ice constantly. The possibility of unsupported ice over drawn-down reservoirs crept into my thoughts too. Spent the day scared to death. My ice rod has rested in the garage ever since.

Your photo indicates that the ice rested on the water surface, and eight inches is ok -- if it's that thick everywhere. Enjoy, and here's to better luck with those big trout.


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I’m not an ice fisherman even though I live on a lake in Northern Illinois. The lakes aren’t totally frozen yet and we’re expecting 50 degree weather Friday. The real message here is I bow hunt in Wisconsin. My two hunting buddies are from up there. When they’re not hunting they’re fishing. I benefit from a steady diet of mostly blue gills during hunting season. For a special treat it’s lake perch and walleye cheeks. Good stuff.
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