any good and affordable tobaccl vanilla edp clones

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by jonwilson, Aug 28, 2019.

    out there that are worth checking out? tom ford is too expensive.
  1. Franck Boclet Tobacco is outstanding and a bit cheaper than the Tom Ford stuff. I actually like it quite a bit better as it's a much smoother scent to me. A little more vanilla and the tobacco note is not nearly as harsh as the Tom Ford version. Still not a dirt cheap one as it's not intended to be a clone, but it is about half the cost of the Tom Ford. I'd choose it over the Tom Ford if they were the same price.
  2. Polarbeard

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    Tabac EdT.
  3. That doesn't smell like either tobacco or vanilla and I think he's looking for a clone scent anyway
  4. I've been contemplating WSP Tobacco Vanilla.

    Seems to get good reviews
  5. This is their version of Tom Ford tabacco vanille

    I love it. It is extremely strong though. Right now I dilute it at a 50/50 cologne oil alcohol. I'm thinking I might need to go to 40/60 cologne/alcohol mixture. I will say 1 pump on my spray bottle and I get a strong cologne that lasts about two days on my shirts.
  6. May I suggest Cuba Royal, more vanilla than tobacco, but has some smoky and woody traits to it. Longevity is decent, and it is very affordable. Smells divine in cold weather.

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