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Any Ginger Ale fans?

I love ginger ale both in cocktails and all by its lonesome. A gin buck is my go-to summer drink and I am warming to bourbon and ginger ale.

Whilst surfing the net for something refreshing to drink I ran across a recipe for celery soda using homemade celery syrup. That looked easy and awesome but I followed a link to another site for a recipe to make ginger syrup. The ginger syrup recipe is simple and sounds delicious. From ginger syrup to ginger ale is simply the addition of club soda. Hopefully this weekend I will have time to make a batch.

Here is the link: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2013/09/fresh-ginger-syrup-recipe/
While I rarely have mixed drinks, and even more rarely mixed with Ginger Ale, I do prefer it as a standalone soft drink.
Good Root Beer is impossible to find unless you make it or buy from a place like BevMo (blame it on the HFCS?)
Cola isn't what it used to be (blame it on the HFCS?) and tends to give me gas.
Sprite and 7-Up are good, but Ginger Ale adds another flavor dimension to the "light" soft drink.

Wife packs one with my lunch.
Love Ginger Ale!! Usually mix club soda with my liquor drinks but I do like Bourbon and my buddy was over last night and he fixed himself a Makers Mark and Ginger Ale (while I went with my usual Famous Grouse and splash of club soda). I might be inclined to give the Makers and Giner a try next time!
I like ginger but I'm not fond of ginger ale... at least the usual commercial brands. I like it much spicier. I do like spicy ginger beer.
I always keep ginger ale around the house and probably have a glass a day. I also like bourbon and ginger ale on occassion.
I love ginger ale, though not the "real" kinds that are getting popular, IMO they're too spicy, and take away too much from the mix. My favorite currently is Verners, it's got a bit more "creamier" taste to it and seems to pair well with the Canadian whiskeys I like to mix it with, usually CC or Seagram's 7.
Made the syrup last night. Tried it with some club soda. Decent for a mixer but I prefer a bit more heat as a soft drink. Next batch I will more finely chop the ginger.
Thanks for the link! Ginger ale and root beer are the only two sodas I drink. I'll be giving this recipe a shot sometime this weekend.
For me, ginger ale reminds me of my childhood. It was the only soda we were allowed to drink and we only got it when we were sick. It is great for settling an upset stomach. Just as a historical reference, I am a child of the 60's.
I rarely drink Soda Pop anymore, but once in a great while I'll have a Ginger Ale. Not sure if they still make it, but both Seagrams and Schweppes used to come out with a great Rasberry Ginger Ale in the Winter months.

If I see either of them at the grocery store I'll usually pick up a 12 pack of it. Haven't seen either in a couple of years in the Chicago area.

Btw..I used to put in a splash of Schweppes Ginger Ale in my JW Black label and it tasted great.
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I love ginger ale. I've never used it as a mixer, but I drink it straight all the time. I grew up on Vernors. (Growing up in Michigan, that's kind of a given, that and Faygo) Since Vernors is aged in oak barrels, it has a much more robust and richer flavor than the light ginger ale's like Seagram's or Canada Dry.
I recently picked up a 12pk of Buffalo Rock to try it. Wow, talk about spicy. With my first sip, I thought my mouth was on fire. There is no question, they are using real ginger in their recipe. It took me a couple of can's to get used to the intense spice, but now I quite enjoy it.

I like ginger but I'm not fond of ginger ale... at least the usual commercial brands. I like it much spicier. I do like spicy ginger beer.
Then you absolutely must try Buffalo Rock. You will not be disappointed!
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