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Any D R Harris Marlborough Lovers Out There?

A few days ago I pulled the trigger on a new refill puck of Harris Marlborough shaving soap. The price was right and the shipping was minimal, and it has been seven or eight years since I’ve had a puck of theirs. This is the newer sodium tallowate first ingredient version, so I’m looking forward to getting it. I also remember that the Marlborough is not a real popular scent with B&Bers. I have never smelled it. I know I will like the performance—what are the odds I will like the scent also? I don’t wear or care for colognes if that helps.

You folks that absolutely love the scent of Tabac need not respond for my sake. I have already inadvertently pre-judged you and find your sense of smell suspect.😄
I'm an unabashed fan. Performance is good, scent is great (I have the matching cologne as well). If you like cedar, you'll love it. For some, that top note comes across as more ashtray than lumber, and I can understand that. It is also a bit of staid, old fashioned sort of fragrance, which I count as a feature.

Let us know how you find it. 😀
I love the scent. I haven't had a puck of the soap for a couple of years now, but I still have about a half a bottle of aftershave splash that I love to use as a light fragrance when I'm going out.
Marlborough is my least favorite DR Harris scent, it smells rubbery to me.

There is nothing new about this formula. If you go on the DR Harris website some scents start with tallow some start with palm oil (Windsor for example). They all perform the same to me and are great soaps, just find the scent you like!
So you find it light? That’s good for me.

I don't know if I would consider it light. I was more so implying that the aftershave is lighter (or at least doesn't last as long) than a traditional cologne. So, I like it when I want to have a bit of fragrance to me, but not choke out whoever's in my vicinity. If you use just the soap, but not the aftershave or cologne, then it will probably be slightly noticeable, but not overbearing.
By coincidence I tried the puck for the first time today with matching splash. I was thinking "more ashtray than cedar" and thought maybe I'd put it in my ever-growing "save for never" drawer.

Then my wife passes me in the kitchen and says "Oh, nice scent! Smells fresh." :facep:

She said the same about Tabac. I think something's broken 🤷‍♂️


Mr. Obvious
I like it. It performs well for me although I’m not sure which version I have. I put the puck in a mug as soon as I got it which was several years ago.
I have five D.R. Harris lines (shaving soap and either EdC or AS) in my drawer: Arlington, Windsor, Marlborough, Lavender, Sandalwood.
Like may of us, I have too many shaving soaps and creams on my shelves, so while I like D.R. Harris very much I do not use their products that often.

Because of their citrus undertones, I may favour Arlington and Windsor in the warmer months and with its warmer cedar and sandalwood undertones Marlborough in the colder months.
I rate them all as about equal, any preference for the one or the other is more seasonally influenced.

D.R. Harris never seems to disappoint, I switched from Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS) to D.R. Harris a decade and a half ago, when TOBS discontinued their lavender shaving soap, and never looked back.

Together with Mitchell’s Wool Fat shaving soap, D.R. Harris makes up the English shaving soap/fragrance corner in my shaving den.

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Marlborough is a fabulous winter scent. I have no idea where the “ash tray” comes from. To me it’s cedar and almost an oud. Very masculine and my cool weather staple. Use the soap and after shave. I find with cool weather scents that it’s easy to overdo with cologne or stronger
DRH Marlborough is a great soap and scent!
While not my very top DRH fav, it's a wonderful, woodsy, cologney shave!
Kudos to DRH for maintaining their traditional tallow soap formulation as well.
Enjoy your refill, and many more!

D.R. Harris Marlborough omega filarmonica may 14 2022.jpg
I love DR Harris soaps!

The Marlborough is a beautiful scent. I love the raw lumber scent. It's awesome for cooler climate.

Unfortunately, Marlborough and Windsor were too strong for my skin so I couldn't keep them. The other four scents I have and love!

Owen Bawn

Garden party cupcake scented
I got several Marlborough sticks some years ago. I've used them in my travel kit, primarily. It is a great soap. The scent reminds me of my father. He never wore cologne, but his natural smell was in some way close to Marlborough.

Do the aftershave and cologne smell close to the way the soap smells?
When I first got my Marlborough soap I wasn't sure about the scent but it grew on my and I really enjoy it now. I've been using it this week and getting great shaves.
I like it. I had the shave stick out this morning. Impressive lather, and I'll agree with cedar and smoke.
Just picked up some Malborough soap and aftershave. I had Arlington many moons ago and remember liking it...except the scent was a little too sweet for me. Been reading some posts that discussed DRH soaps and decided to see how I like Marlborough. Should be here next week.
Marlborough is my first venture into DRH.

Picked up a kit while in London and not only do I like the subtle woody fragrance, but performance is very good for me as well.

Maybe cedar and a little ash, but no pickups of ashtray; this coming from a decades long ex-smoker :thumbup1:
how would you all characterize the sandalwood component?

Just a Trace?
Noticable but balanced?

Im not a sandalwood fan, but am interested in this soap.

Examples ive tried and didnt like:
TOBS Sandalwood
Proraso Red

for comparisons…
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