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Any cream + Proraso!!!

I find that if I'm not getting very good results with any cream I just add a squirt of Proraso. If I'm careful not to add too much Proraso I wont over power the intial cream that I started with.

Just my observation. Has anyone else given this a whirl?
I wonder if the Red Proraso might not be great for this technique?
Slather up some Col. Conk glycerine soap
and combine with a squirt of Proraso.

Lovely !!
Lather and Lubricity beyond belief.:thumbup1:
I really want to like Tom's Mint cream, really! I keep reading glowing reports, but my experiences with Tom's cream have always been disappointing. So, I gave it another try this morning. Again, Tom's gave me poor quality lather. Ample and fluffy, but no lubricity. Itried different dilution ratios and even when the lather has the right, heady consitency, it still falls short in its ability to lubricate the skin.
So, I added a dollop of Palmolive and the difference was huge. Palmolive is a cheap cream that really works; Tom's does not (at least for me). Mixed together, the end result was a good shave, nick and irritation-free. Palmolive made the difference.
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