Any Brut fans out there?

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    hey gang, been a while since i posted here. Just finished shaving before, and decided to take a look at my colognes, and was surprised at how much brut stuff i have. I’m in my early 40’s and have always loved it. Any other fans out there? I must admit, it does bug me sometimes when someone recognizes it and says..”it reminds me of my dad or grandfather” it just me?
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    A pic of my inventory...
  2. Brut was and still is one of my staple AS/Cologne since I started shaving (32 years ago!). My grandfather used Old Spice, my father Aqua Velva and me more of a Brut guy. My son is re-taking the Old Spice AS so the circle completes.
  3. I use La Fougere Parfait shave soap by Wholly Raw and it is a dead ringer for Brut.
    Hands down the best smelling soap Ive tried for a while.
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    I like Brut.

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  5. Brut makes me happy and reminds me of childhood. It will always be in the house, though I only wear it every so often.
  6. My Dad uses Brut, so that was what I used for several years. May need to pick up another bottle...
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    That's why I keep it in my office. There's no room at home, with my wife's observant eyes...
  8. :lol: Good thinking
  9. Thanks for the awesome history there. Sounds like you caught a good son there!
  10. I did not need to know this! Thanks to you my lovely War Department will kill me. Again.
  11. They'll get us every time...

    You are also my hero. I've always wanted a giant bottle of Brut. Some men want riches or fame or power. I just want giant sized colognes. Sigh.
  12. I’ve seen the mega brut bottle before. It’s nuts!
    People find it strange that a 43 year old wears brut, but it’s a nice scent.
    I really like the tiny trio pack that you find from time to time. Smell quite different from original but are quite nice.
  13. When I was in my late teens through my early twenties, I used Brut on a regular basis. I rediscovered Brut about a year ago and splash it on once or twice a week. I do not think it’s the same scent as years back, but I still like it.
  14. absolutely, still love it and use it about once a week. still wakes me up in front of the damn computer
  15. Brut Actif Blue, Revolucion, and Attitude in that order. I'm a fan of those, for sure.

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  16. I believe that that sized bottle is the one that is the original Fabrege version, or at least most like it in terms of scent and longevity. If I were to get one, it would probably be that one, and not because of volume.
  17. Yeah man. Not my staple, but Brut is a classic.

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