Any brushes with hair NOT sourced from China

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    As the title says, is anyone making badger brushes with hair that does NOT come from China?

  1. In China they utilize badgers as a food source which is why you see the hair coming from China. I can't think of another place that provides badger hair.
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    Horse hair , and also Japanese raccoon hair brushes are available...
  3. Hard to avoid chinese made products.
    I find it easier to avoid natural hair (which are almost all from China) with synthetics (that also come from from China) but have a very different manufacturing process.
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    I don’t know. Maybe a brush maker like @Rudy Vey might have an idea.
  5. What about boar bristles? Are they China sourced, or are Italian and Portuguese piggies utilized?
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    I think Plisson still uses badger hair sourced in Europe. A bit on the pricier side, but if one wants to avoid China sourced items, it might be worth...
  7. In my searches around some of the more obscure EU shaving websites and eBay I've seen a few Plisson brushes with knots made from what is described as European grey badger hair. I've not gathered any further information on the exact source of this hair.
  8. Plisson. Only they have license to harvest the hair from European badger trapped in France.
  9. Edwin Jagger brushes are quoted by the company to have hair from a sustainable source of the badger species Meles meles (the European badger.) If you're looking for non-Chinese badger hair, that would be a good place to look.
  10. AFAIK European badger is a misleading name for this species. It is also known as Eurasian badger, being widespread across Europe and large areas of Asia, including China. Chances are that Edwin Jagger badger hair comes from the latter.
  11. [​IMG]

    Green - Meles Meles
    Red - Meles Leucurus
    Blue - Meles Anakuma

    High Mountain White:

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    you beat me to it!
  13. I doubt youre going to find much, if any badger knots that dont come from China. Its just a reality of the business. If you want to avoid Chinese products, youre probably best to avoid badger.
    The same goes for boar. Those knots come from China too. The same goes for synthetics too.
    Probably your best bet is horse hair but even then you might get hair that came form China. Most horse hair comes from horses that live in colder climates, such as Mongolia, Siberia or Canada.
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    Raccoon hair you say? Interesting!
  15. Where are Japanese racoon hair brushes available?
  16. Unless i am mistaken, badger is protected species in EU. That's why everything comes from China.
  17. France and Germany have pest control for badgers. Muhle(?) and Plisson are licensed to harvest the fur. EJ probably gets theirs from Muhle.
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