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Any beardsman?

Hello all, I've been a member on B&B for a little while now, and out of all the great side topics discussed here, I've yet to come across any beard related activity. Is there none? Granted this is a shaving type forum site, there are other off topic areas discussed, which is why I am posting here.

At any rate, I don't think I can dub myself a "beardsman" yet, this is my first time attempting to grow and I do not have the strongest follicular genes either. But, I have facial hair now that I am at 2 months and would like to have an area here for discussion, if there are any interested, that is. So...any takers (or should I say growers)? I choose the word "growers" on purpose, because if you enjoy a beard, you didn't just stop shaving, you grew it like a nice face plant..you take care of it, and that's something to be proud of. And I am proud of my commitment so far. I don't have any 2 month shots, but I did attach to this post some 6 week shots. I won't weigh down this first post with a ton of questions or discussion points for the simple fact that there may be no others, and I would be wasting my time (and by extension yours as you continue to read). So I'll just leave this post to get it started, if there is activity, i'll continue to contribute. So I'll just finish this post out with asking you your thoughts on mine. Coming along or continue to use my beautiful SRs? :lol:
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There are plenty of beard/facial hair topics in the Facial Hair sub-forum [MENTION=62321]Lmarkow[/MENTION] posted. Enjoy!