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Any advice?

I dont usually wear cologne however I do like to keep something in case I feel the need. I was thinking about a few decants but dont know what to choose. I dont want to smell like an older guy (No offense) as I'm only 30 (A very young one at that). I have never tried any of the high end stuff only department store types. In the past I have worn Polo and Polo Blue, Tommy, that type of thing. I like the clean smell of Lacoste Essential. I am wanting to try something to go with the better shaving products I am hooked on (not loaded with synthetics). Do any of you think anything on the decant club would work for me? Maybe Green Irish Tweed and West Indian Limes? What do your chicks dig?

Oh yeah, recently got some dominica bay rum aftershave and love it. It just fades so quick. But I guess that is the point fo the aftershaves.
Hmmm. Citrusy scents will probably work well for you, like the Taylor or T&H limes. If you want to be slightly more adventurous, the Guerlain vetiver I have might be a good fit as well.
Colognes are a toughie as everybody is so different. I was in the same boat as you maybe 3 or 4 months ago. I was curious about the classic/high end cologne makers but did not want to smell "old" either - just subtle and nice. I was hoping to find a small number to rotate between and around the seasons (yeah right, after I started...).

I recommend you send request emails out to the various makers (Floris, Trumper, Truefitt & Hill, Penhaligons). Browse through their websites and try to pick a variety of varying types of colognes. What you think you might like might turn out to be pretty wrong once you try it and vice versa. I think I must have about 60 sample colognes in the drawer now and this has been a really interesting trip, for sure. Some of my favorites so far:

Penhaligon's English Fern - changing, woodsy, wonderful stuff
Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet - manly roses and spiciness, just awesome
Floris JF - oranges and amber
Floris Santal - you can't go wrong with this stuff, such a nice cologne
GF Trumper - the entire "classic" line is really nice
John Varvatos' scent is really nice, leathery
Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar and Grafton are excellent as well....

I could go on (and on...). Good luck and have fun! The Decant Club is an excellent option, but I really recommend trying samples first before you put money down for decant that you really might not like as how colognes tend to smell different and have different lasting power depending on the person.

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