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In and out in 10 minutes - all for $20


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Nice, looks like you got yourself a nice 1941 TTO Ranger Tech No End Caps, Looks to be in great condition, that right there is the Real Prize :eek:)
It seems to have end caps....how would I know...pardon my daughter's goofy face...


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Wow. That is one cherry Ranger Tech. I don't know that I've seen a nicer set as that. Looks like it's near-mint! Congrats!
Cleaned them both up. Ranger Tech shaves fantastically, as any 40's Gillette does. It's only got a small amount of plating loss on the doors. I have had some that really show lots of plating wear.

Loaded it with a vintage Gillette Spoiler and chopped down a 3-day growth with no problem.

The Hoffritz, on the other hand, is very hard to clean and has some plating issues. Please chime in if anyone has an opinion...


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I have a Pomco slant, which is also a vintage Merkur rebrand just like the Hoffritz. I believe they are silver plated and you can get all that yucky black stuff off by using the foil and baking soda trick.

Take a glass bowl or something that can take some heat and line it with tin foil. Put some baking soda in the bottom, then put your razor on top and add more baking soda. Then pour very hot water (almost boiling) over top and let it sit until the water cools. 1-2 treatment like that should make it nice and shiny!

The white on the bottom knurling and some of the pitting on the handle are likely there to stay though.
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