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Antique Store Find...I.D. help, anyone?

So I was skimming through an antique store earlier today and found a blade I wanted to ask you fellas about. The blade was a large (7/8 or so), heavy (at least 1/4 ground if not wedge) one with the markings "Bryan & Son, Melton" on it.

Anyone ever hear of this?

The scales were generic black bakelite or something. They wanted $24 for it. If I can decide it is a blade that will shave nice, I might go back and pick it up next weekend to restore. The blade needed a little polishing, but it had no rust and a clean, chip free edge. The scales were bent beyond repair, but that's no surprise.

I appreciate any help y'all can offer.
Hmmm. Must have run across something unusual. Can anyone point me to a place where I can get some information on this?
All I have is Melton is the shortened name given to Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire United Kingdom. This is 1/2 hour from me and I often shop here.
Thanks for the help, guys. I ended up passing on that one.

I was back in that same antique store yesterday and found a pretty decent Joseph Fenton & Sons. It is another large (13/16 or so), 1/4 grind blade. The scales are cracked, rotted junk, but the blade should clean up nicely. I'll probably take some pictures of it before I get going with it, but I'll probably put them in a different thread somewhere.
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