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    Good day at one of the local AMalls. Picked up these two notched Superspeeds and the Otto Roth NEW Long Comb all for $25. I'd been wanting an early Superspeed and it's been quite awhile since I added any vintage razors to the collection so I was quite happy to find these hiding in a display case. I'm also a big fan of the NEW so can't wait to try out this long-comb, slim-handled version.

    While polishing/lubricating them, I also decided that some artisan needs to make a shaving soap that smells like 3N1 oil and Nevr-Dull.....................

    As purchased:

    After applying some Nevr-Dull and Elbow Grease 100_1801.JPG
  1. Nice finds at a good price!
  2. Mick

    Mick Contributor

    Nice finds.

    SWMBO and I went out to a couple of big group malls yesterday.

    Razors were few and far between

    Ball end tech and a travel tech (no case). $7 each. They're still there. Couple of rolls razors with boxes. Could not see the price and in locked cases so walked on by.

    Looked at 6 or 7 straights. All with issues .

    Was fun to see shaving goods in the shops.

    Saturday the malls were busy. Customers spanned all ages from millenials to walker assisted shufflers.

    A line at the cashier too, not just lookers.

    Prices were 50-75% lower than 10 years ago but all booths were rented and filled to overflowing.

    Saw some sweet 18th century furniture, most over refinished ranging $3k to $9k. These would have brought 5 figures a decade ago.

    Good to get out and about again.

    So what did we buy after spending 4 hours on the hunt? $5 Scott's 2000 rotary fert spreader at goodwill :) we gotta reseed the yard so glad not to have to drop$20 on one. Used it this morning.
  3. Nice finds. Congrats!
  4. I haven't had any luck at flea markets or the malls in quite awhile. The last good find I had was a NEW with a nice case and a few wrapped Gillette Blue Blades and that was almost 2 years ago. I do, however, seem to have quite a knack for finding razors that I already own.......
  5. I think one of the appealing features of the LC NEW is that because the teeth are curled over more than usual, you do not feel the teeth on your face as much. It's almost like using a guard bar.

    I did not know about the Otto Roth razors before. I consider myself slightly more edjimacated now.
  6. Congratulations :a14:
  7. ajkel64

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    Great finds, congratulations.
  8. Congrats on the nice finds.
  9. Brother Skinner,

    I've never heard of an Otto Roth NEW. I have heard of a Gillette NEW from the 1930's, and I have 4 of 'em.

    The handle on the NEW looks a little different. Is it a Frankenrazor?
  10. REV579

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    The Uncommon Thin Bar is found, most often, on Otto Roth NEW, Long Comb razors. I have a couple of them and really love them. Quite the find. The ferrules can be found with both the wide and narrow receiving neck. Personally, I believe it is something that might be able to be used to date the handles(and razors). I have Nickel Thin Common Bar handles with both types of ferrules, and I would place the wide receiving neck ferrules in an older category.
    Here's an older picture of the first one I found.
    Side Image.jpg
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  11. Interesting thread & I learned about the Otto Roth.
  12. The handle threw me off at first and I thought what you did, that somebody had put a different handle on it but I also had never seen that handle before on another razor. I checked to make sure none of the comb teeth were bent or cracked and made sure the threads were good but it wasn't until I got home with it that I discovered it was an Otto Roth so that was another nice surprise.
  13. GREAT WORK!! :a29:
  14. After a few shaves we look forward to your report.

    In theory it should shave like a 1930's Gillette NEW, but maybe I'm oversimplifying.

    Later: Wait. Feast your eyes on this.

    Otto Roth Razor

    Also please Google: Otto Roth NEW.
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  15. REV579

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    It is the same as the NEW, Long Comb. If there is a shave difference, it will be based on the grip difference.
  16. Thanks for the link to the Otto Roth thread, santamariasteve! Very informative.

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