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I have a wade and butcher that I would like to clean up some. I was thinking of sending it off to be cleaned up but I read it may not be worth it due to how much metal they may have to take off and the lettering on the front may end up removed. So what are y'all's options or opinions about antique restorations. What's worth it and what's maybe overdoing it


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Is it new to you? I wouldn't spend alot of cash on bringing it back to perfect condition.
I'd clean it good with soap, water and a toothbrush. Have a go with some metal polish like Maas or Flitz. You'll lose the lettering using that stuff unless a) you're real careful or b) it's engraved. Are the scales horn? They could use a good coat of mineral oil or neatsfoot oil.
Doesn't look fancy but she'll get the job done when cleaned and honed. Looks like somebody used this razor alot. I see that as a good sign, like it was worth keeping around.
How can you tell if the scales are horn or plastic?
You can tell right away with them side-by-side.
Black horn will often have 'lines' in them that is part of the growing process, I think. They'll also be slightly transparent when held into bright light. They can smell like burned hair when sanded.
Plastic is usually not see-through, smells like burning gasoline, and are generally 'plasticky.' Not wrong - just different.
Imho, unless sentimental i wouldnt spend much to ckean it up. Looks like quite a bit of honewear. Edge is odd to me, looks too small, but the heel looks untouched and the etching would normally be centered and yous looks centered but fairly small blade

To test for horn, hot needle somewhere inconspicous, smell like burnt hair?
Hi guys,
This is my first time posting on this thread (actually, it's my first time using any forum, ever!). Anyway, I purchased my first vintage razor today. It is a 1935 Rolls Razor "Imperial 2". This razor is really unique in that the stropping and honing are both done using the mechanism built right into the case. I only paid $10 for it and knew it was in decent shape, but also knew it needed a good cleaning.

Here's what I did:
First, as soon as I got it home, I dismantled it at the kitchen sink. I then used some Palmolive dish soap and some steel wool from the dollar store, and went to work scrubbing away. All of the metal in the Rolls Razor is nickel-plated stainless steel, so it cleaned up really well. For the details and tighter spots, I used an old tooth brush. There are still some "dark" spots I want to try to get out, but it's fine for the time being.

I actually got to use the razor tonight, and was pleased to find it gave me a nice close shave. Next on my list is a good brush and some soap. Any recommendations?

You might get more opinions in the general discussion boards or other threads, but I suggest a Rooney brush and either Martin de Candre or Mitchell's Wool Fat on the soaps. All kinda pricey, but if you want some of the best performers, they're hard to beat. I'm sure you'll get plenty more opinions, but thats my two cents. Good luck in your search sir!
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