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Another YMMV Blade

Yesterday I shaved with a 1x Lord Platinum blade in a Gillette Slim Adjustable. It's rare to not get an exceptional shave with the Slim Adjustable, since it performs flawlessly with a multitude of blades. Nevertheless, the Lord blade once again only gave a mediocre shave. GSB's, BiC Platinum, Voskhod, Super Max Blue Diamond, Lab Blues and others all provide BBS shaves for me with the Slim Adjustable.
Today I put the now 2x Lord blade into a 1952 Superspeed and got a BBS shave for the best & smoothest shave of the week.
I've been searching for a universal blade that does an easy BBS shave from all my vintage razors. So far, there haven't been any, although the GSB seems to excel in a bigger variety of my razors.
I'll be pursuing Rapira LUX blades next. Historiclly they will do a BBS shave, but so far, only in my Gillette Super Adjustables.
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I don't know if you've tried the Lord Super Chrome or Silver Star. Those seemed the best of the Lord blades I've tried, anyway.
The Silver Stars are the pick of the Lord litter for me. Performs superbly in all of my razors. The Lord Platinums are just 'meh' to me.

OP if you are looking for a universal blade I'd be looking at the Super Iridiums.
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