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Another toss up decided....


Gentlemen and all poor souls suffering from SBAD,
I finally took the plunge and ordered a Simpsons Major Travel Brush from The Gentlemans shop on-line. Before I had finally decided on the Simpsons Major, I was faced with another toss-up between the Best Travel Major and the Super Major model. Ron had suggested super badger, but I finally decided to go with best badger. In a recent post made at the SMF forum, Dr.P (brushmeister extraordinaire) had said he couldn't find any significant difference between the two models, and so for a savings of 17 GBP, I went with the best badger.
A wise purchase. You need not worry about theft that way!:lol: Enjoy it and send us a note from Katmandu or Katmandont and let us know how it works with pure mountain water.

Good choice; indeed i do not see any differences between my two Majors in terms of shaving performance/lather building capacity etc. etc.
Moreover, i don't see any VISUAL differences between my Major super and Major Best......

Enjoy it "to the full" (mr. Bond....:wink: )

Randy, Ron, Roughrider and drP,

Thanks for all your comments! The Simpsons turnback hasn't arrived yet, but I will let you know what I think of it as soon as I've had a chance to try it out. Don, you'll have to wait for a high altitude assessment. A special thanks to drP for confirming the remarks he made in another post.

Randy, Ron, Roughrider and drP,

Last week I received my Simpsons Major Best badger turnback brush from the Gentlemans Shop (fast shipping and top notch service!). I'm delighted with this brush. It truly is a work of art. Nice to look at and nice to use. I must say, I was surprised at just how small the brush is; but in spite of its size it does a more than adequate job, to say the least. I have a couple of Kents, a Vulfix 377, and the SMF brush in my collection, but I sure like the way this little Simpsons brush applies lather on my face. It might not hold as much lather as these larger brushes; nonetheless, the Major's stiff but soft best badger brush offers a qualitatively superior lathering experience than any others that I own (IMHO). If this brush is any indication of what the Simpsons brushes have to offer, it won't be long before I'm considering purchasing another Simpsons.

Hi Hal,

Good to hear the brush fullfills your expectations; if you're going to buy another Simpsons brush then i'll be glad to give you some information as i have all the Simpsons in super/manchurian as well as the Harvard #6 in best badger.

regards, Peter

Thanks for your offer of assistance. I'm sure to be contacting you around March when I come back from travelling.

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