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Another Testament: Decant your Pinaud Clubman into glass!

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I’m not sure if our friends in Europe are familiar with the Hobby Lobby craft stores. But I found these for only $4.99 each. They should work nicely! They have a rather large assortment of empty glass bottles
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Say...how many ounces does each bottle hold?

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I tried this with both Club Man and Pinaud Whiskey Woods. The Club Man was helped a little, but still has that skunky finish as it dries. The Whiskey Woods was fine to begin with and is great now. If the Club Man has been skunked by the plastic bottle, it's probably not going to get rid of it entirely.
If the Club Man has been skunked by the plastic bottle, it's probably not going to get rid of it entirely.
Yeah I don’t see the benefit of decanting. If the plastic has somehow leeched into the liquid, what good is sealing it in glass going to do? Maybe it doesn’t get worse, but in a sealed container it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get much better.

I’ve done this and I can’t tell the difference between what’s in glass, and what remained in plastic. 🤷‍♂️
I never did notice any plastic skunk nastiness in my bottles. I certainly didn't like The Veg and didn't care for the original, but give me VIBR in it's plastic bottle any day!
I'm often skeptical about these types of perception things that are tough to measure objectively, but I'm in the believer camp when it comes to decanting the Pinauds (which I use interchangeably with "Clubman" ;)). I really do think there is a difference afterwards, but it takes a while, and the situation seems to improve once the new glass container has been used many times (probably more aeration).

It seems like some of them benefit more than others, however. The Citrus Musk and Bay Rum always seemed fine in plastic, to me. LV and Clubman seem to improve immensely. With Whisky Woods (they should have used that spelling!), I noticed the skunk but am not sure if decanting helped it. Haven't noticed this with other brands...
If anyone's interested in decanting, but hasn't found the right bottle, there is a very affordable glass 6oz Lilac Vegetal bottle on the bay right now.

I have no affiliation with the seller, and would be scooping this up for myself, but I just bought an exact copy of this one.

Search "clubman after shave rare"

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